Cannot win them all... Nextcolony as an investment

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A long time ago in a galaxy far away there was a next colony...


And a few weeks ago that tale came to an end.

In the beginning there was an investment of 30000 steam by @berniesanders (If I am not mistaken) for a few of the planets making them among the most expensive NFT around in the whole crypto space. The future looked really rosy for this game and I personally put in 500 steem for part of a planet with the @dachcolony group.

In all seasons Dachcolony made it in the top ranks and got some decent rewards who were then divided among the owners of the cards.


All those transactions plus the last one came to about 330 Steem. So that would make it a loss were it not that the game was fun I had a good time playing it along the way. I also sold some of my DACH tokens along the way and made a nice profit on those. So in the end I am at a little loss but close to break even.

The game also convinced me of the future of NFT and blockchain-based games. This genre really will have a bright future but as with everything, not every one will go on to become successful.

What is important is that we do learn as a community and build upon that. @splinterlands is a good example which is now moving to HIVE as well (good after the whole steem debacle)

I for one am curious to see which games come out that are blockchain-based and how complicated they will get. I also hope to invest in some NFT among the way but most of all I want to have some fun.

Games I own some part of:

  • @Splinterlands (or @steemmonsters for those earlier players)
  • @Dcity (moving to HIVE as well)
  • Gods Unchained (is an ETH based Card game close to Hearthstone)
  • Upland (is EOS based) a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase!

how about you?
Are you investing in NFT Games (or just playing?)


Playing a lot of splinterlands at the moment, they are good at adding new features on a regular basis.

yea, its the top game for now. Shame the herons service is closing down. I liked having regular income from my spare cards

Yup, a bitter disapoinment next colony.

It's not so much the money, as you say you can't win them all. It was just such a crap game.

Check out the @nexcolony account on Hive, Now the team are cashing out their Hive to themselves. I know that's they're business-right, but if I'd have made a game that crap and then shut it down early then I'd be returning at least some of these extra funds to the investors. To kind of apologise!

I wonder if it's that's worth making a (polite) post about asking for a refund for us all, if you don't ask you don't get!

I asked in discord and there was no answer to a payout in hive... I guess they keep it as theirs but some communication about it would have been nice

Oh that's interesting. I think I will do a post asking for a partial refund.

It's not perfect ethics on their part.

tag me when you do, will add to the comments

I love all those nft games. Especially dcity and Gods Unchained, but also rising star by @atomcollector ! I really think this is the future of gaming, and with mass adoption of crypto tradable nfts will become much more common.

my view exactly. I am looking forward to what people will come up with

I bought some Gods Unchained packs as well at the early stage but did not have the time to continue playing.

I do not play enough, but I hope the cards will go up eventually. Only put in 1ETH so let's see if I get more back

I will if I find one for my taste.

just keep looking and trying them out. at least you will be gathering a bit of cards in the process