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RE: My First NFT's - Keep Expectations low

in #nftlast month

Fingers crossed someone buys them :) Have you checked the prices of other digital artists there?
I was also wondering which of the NFT galleries on ETH are the best for beginners, as there seem to be at least 3 maybe many more there. How did you pick up this one?


Well, I looked around and for some, you actually have to apply. Some said it has to be digital art and said mine is not. I did not understand and did not continue to bother. Yet then I saw it in some Youtube channel that compares different platforms. Opensea and Superrare and also rarible. After connecting to the metamask think it worked with any extra process. then it was super easy. I was surprised. Now happy. I hope it gets in front of someone who appreciates the art.

Ah, I see, thank you :) My process was almost the same, apart from the youtube research as I browsed some twitter feeds instead :) But I am not convinced it's worth it the investment. ETH is too volatile.

yep - I fear it's a hype that will see a long time before it actually works for more than just the already famous.

I guess it works pretty well for those providing the NFTs there, hehehe :)

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