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November 3rd 2017 was one day i really awaited to see. Respect to the CEO of 360 LEAD ENTERTAINMENT NIGERIA host of the first steemit fest in nigeria @Ehiboss bros your really a boss. The event was really graced by fellow steemains all over Nigeria, and new entending fellows. To me it was just a take of flights, looking at the experience and zeal from everyone i really feel so happy. A moments where everyone wish to know each other by they real name not just by they steemit handle, meeting with those invisble people that rewards your contains post.

@Ehiboss vision video clip


the secret of great men are in there story's 

It was really cool hearing from @papa-pepper on a live video streaming. With words of encouragement and knowledge Asking us the biggest question of the day (what is steemit to you)

As if that wasn't enough here comes the mother of the day @marryfavor with her cooking swag i know one day am going to taste from your pot fufu and ifam soup can go, thanks for your time too.

Also was our own great boss the first Nigerians with a unique vision on the steemit community with the offline Hub vision @ejemai. Thank your word's of advice.

@japfive and @gloglo appreciation speech


EVENT PICTURE GALLERY ![Screenshot_2017-11-04-19-54-31.jpg]()




For more quality content @japfive



No need to say more,it was fantastic
Wont miss next year

I agree would love to see more

I had a great time and it was wonderful meeting you all. Am posituve about your project and I hope it brings the issue of high data consumption rate to sleep. Every Nigerian complains about this issue and that is why I will support this project too.

Well done @japfive and it was nice gettibg to talk to you and see you in person. See you at the top.

Your such a wonderful one at that @gloglo i really appreciate your support

The pleasure is all mine. Stay inspired.

Sweet @gloglo, high five.. that was a beautiful meeting

Haha... trust me it was and meeting you was awesome. Would do well to follow you right way. Well done 🤗

Wow....the videos are so awesome man....i learnt a little something from @papa-pepper short video..really constructive...u also killed it...we all in support of our mtn project but i must say this... chai!! ... ah no know say @gloglo be butty oo...see as she dey tok like oyinbo...thanks a lot for sharing this man

Yeah i was also check when i saw her mighty in mind thanks @gloglo

Hi @japfive
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Chisos! This pidgin blow my mind scarra

Na the only plan

I sha like d way you they try speak pidgin. Na so. Omo eko! Choi now you have rwminded me of garri and kuli kuli with cold water. Choi i no dey house now.

you need to check my introductory post @

A very good job. hope u do invite me for next year's edition... it would be great doing business with you

Steemit is doing some great stuff, its nice to see people sharing the idea, that is just awesome.

Nice speech there, the video was great

Steemit ini sangat membantu untuk berkarya,kaya dan gaya. Salam kenal @japfive

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Good post brother

Glad to meet you Bro. Steemit fest Nigeria was great

Glad to meet you guys @macdonaldfebi

This is a welcome development @ejemai. Steemit In Nigeria meetup must have been fun and very educative for you guys. Awesome. I must make it next time. Also that video with @papa-pepper is the bomb. It summarized everything in one place. Thanks for sharing!

It was really interesting. It's painful that I missed it

greate post bro THX @japfive

That's a good one there @japfive. It was nice meeting you. Weldone. And to the project, I say best wishes.

Yeah @lmmybe i really appreciate too.


Your presence was highly valued, I must admit, you guys brought life to the event.

@Ehiboss ur really a boss ur vision i covet. I saw greatness in you tanx fr hosting STEEMIT FEAST uneasy the head that wear the crown, let steem high

Wow, you guys are really having a great time

@samstickkz next feast i most see u one on one .infact Dec i dy show ph self

Lol no wahala. Looking forward to meeting you sir

Really impressive.. Great work there @jabfive and all those present. Hope to make it next time

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wow....this is awesome...i hope to be there next time

so short of words to express how good to know it went well and all are back safe and sound. Thank God. I already agreed and apologised as a sinner, not attending, my health failed me but by God's grace i will make it next time, hoping it wont be long. Welcome guys and thanks for the support and success of the event. I know i missed greatly.

The vedio killed it so on point. I've got many things to pik from here. Nice gathering and robust engagement here.

This is awesome!!!

Great post,really nice and enlightening.please could you read,upvote and comment on my post ,your contributions and upvotes and resteem will be highly appreciated ,thanks.great job by the way

Great work. Keep the flag flying. more so thanks for the upvote

It's really incredible. Am sure the community will be larger in the next meetup


Steemit is simply bae, I am one week old and I am just enjoying it

This is wonderful @

This is the best place to be

Such an amazing post. Really wonderful

Hi! I just followed you @mustard . Please i need your support on my post. Help upvote. Thanks in anticipation. Resteem will also be highly appreciated.

I just joined last month. I hope to be there in this year's event. There can never be any better event because it creates room for both personal familiarization and tips for improved contents writing.
Thank you @jabfive

They no longer mention steemit in Nigeria. Will they ever do any thing like this?

Hey How r u PLs Vote me pls