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RE: FBI Finally Releases Nikola Tesla's Documents They Seized 73 Years Ago

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Tesla was crazy. But he was good at what he did.
We know now that some of his dream inventions like free energy and death rays and what not won't work. We know because we can build them.

But the man was still a visionary and an unsung hero of the modern age.

Great work stellabelle!


It's very tricky researching Tesla because the information comes from all different kinds of sources, some good, some not good. This is the case with suppressed information. Even the websites are many times looking sketchy. Tesla Universe is a very good source, maybe one of the best. It has chronological order too......I think many people don't know that Tesla's nephew was given Tesla's property that the FBI seized. That's not a headline that grabs people's attention.....

I didn't really read the document but I did read a few pages of the third and in some of them it's claiming that they aren't ordered chronologically, probably only on these specifical pages.

Oh, I was talking about the Tesla Universe website....