I will make 50 posts a day to drain you sunsetjesus

Us and THEM.

Not kidding either.
He can drain me.
He leaves others alone then.
I am happy with that.

Never came here for money!

Enjoy, Mother do you think they will drop the bomb?


His account is nothing but a repeat of what went on over in steem with all the ankle biter accounts, it started as one then became many. Same will happen here, and people still think an auto down vote comment is a bad idea. I would love to see some guy with 3 million dollars to play with to come in and down vote the whales, then see how quick the tune would change.

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I agree with you.

feel free to help me out anytime, matey! - I'm being obliterated ! lol

Fuck him, fuck smooth and the boat they sailed on. Got smooth in steemd, he is either a ned or dan alt account.

I thought ned...

You thought correct

Smooth helped launch monero, iirc.
He came here early because that was the circles he ran in.

Let that sunsetjeebus dude go, s/he has voted his power down to dust anyways.
When he doesn't get the attention s/he is after they will go away.
Just like all the wannabes before them.

Yeah, I'm there.
I've got some variation of logixzommbee as a username, but I'm there.

12 hours , and nothing ,... did you scare him of ,.. muhahaha .. ;-)

I care not of him and his, or hers kind. Negative makes me more positive. Sod them or fuck them. :-)