New digital portrait || Tried but didn't get the expected outcome

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ntopaz-image-0I really spent a lots of time on this one but feels like didn't get the expected outcome. That's probably because i didn't have the reference photo with me all the time.

I was browsing through pinterest and found this photo and i liked it so tried to sketch it. The sketch wasn't really that good so i thought i wouldn't finish it. So i quit pinterest without saving the picture to a pin. Later, i wanted to paint this and so i started painting. But i couldn't find that same picture again. I didn't even know what to search for. I painted it from all that i could remember which isn't really a lot. so there are some problems with color and lighting.
If anyone find this picture give me the link so i can cite the sources.

Here are some process shots:
Screenshot (1183).png

Screenshot (1184).pngScreenshot (1185).pngScreenshot (1186).pngScreenshot (1187).pngScreenshot (1188).pngScreenshot (1189).pngScreenshot (1190).pngScreenshot (1191).pngScreenshot (1192).pngScreenshot (1193).pngScreenshot (1194).pngScreenshot (1195).png

rule portrait5.jpg

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Well, being honest, I liked your work, it has something particular that catches my attention, you deserve recognition ♡

Greetings from Venezuela

thank you for your positive thoughts

Good job friend. People like me will say it is a great job because I am still trying to learn digital painting processes.

Wasn't bad to use your intuition to complete it.

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hi dear @masummim50, I don't understand, but it doesn't seem bad to me !! but in truth, we are rarely really satisfied with what we do !! try to be more understanding with yourself :-D congratulations on your vote curie and merry christmas

i just don't remember the exact lighting situation of this portrait so i couldn't capture it properly..... i regret not saving the pin immediately.... i could have done better. Thank you

next time you will remember to save the image! but it's also okay to experiment with your idea of lighting, isn't it? it is always experimenting and learning


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