"New Order" Original Artwork

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Hello there, Sexy people!
How are you doing?
It has been a long time since I posted an artwork, but I'm back now! I had tons of work to do, got back to do some graphic design for a while. You know how it is, we all need money to survive.
However, this is my last artwork. Took me 2 months to finish. You might have seen my stream spam, working on it almost every day for atleast 4 hours. And here it is, Fucking finally!

I used multiple references for the anatomy. I spent more time thinking about how to finish the painting than to actually work on it... Wait, this counts for work too :P
That's it for now! WIll see ya soon with a new project at hand!
Here are some details:





Tools used: Photoshop cc2018 and wacom intuos pen small

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ancient one Gray2.jpg


[nTopaz Curator]

Haaii Niko!! @svdsdragunov!! awesome artwork!!! love all the details, deverves lots of upvotes!! 💎💎💎 💫💫💫
Hope to see you soon with another one! 👏👏👏

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Thanks, dude! Happy to be back!

🎉 Congratulations @svdsdragunov! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Cool character. I can imagine how hard you design the character. You really did a wonderful job.


The nTopaz Curation Team recognizes your work as being of outstanding quality and an enrichment to our community. We encourage you to use nTopaz again for your artistic creations, and are looking forward to your future posts.

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Thanks! Every painting is hard, or at least it should be :)

Wow what a masterpiece of surreal art. Welcome back to nTopaz @svdsdragunov We are glad to have you here sharing your amazing art !

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thanks! Happy to see that you like my work! :)

Welcome to Matrix...

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Wow, Cool character. Looks like she has just risen again after dying and has defeated all the demons inside her. I can see the strength and stability she possess.

However, I'm not much into arts and that's just what I interpreted after the first glance. Can you also shed some light on her? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing. It's mind blowing ✌️

Thank you very much!!!
The initial idea for that piece was to describe the upgrade, how we grow as humans and as specialists in our fields of work. But after that, I wanted something dark and twisted, and this is what my mind gave birth to :P I don't have a story for it, yet. Maybe will write something soon, i don't know!

Whao, I'm sexy? I-I-I'm a bit speechless here... ~UwU~ - well that feels validating to say the least.

I be doing quite fine, anon artist. How about yah? How art thou doing, sexy~ <3

But let's get into the actual artwork itself, this "New Order" business. Firstly, if it weren't for the endless rows and columns of grinning, etched faces (of probably dead people) which gives it a Surrealist over-n-undertone, then I would've said that this was some SFF retelling of Shodan. But if Shodan from System Shock One (and possibly Two?!?) had a body, decided to waste resources building a throne, but hey get free tubing and make her throne room full of all the victims that tried to stop here or got assimilated by choice or force. Secondly, might wanna call that piece of art a "Venus of the Future," because you put to shame some of those Venus / naked female studies. Thirdly, definitely getting a matriachal vibes right here and that's a good thing - could lead to some good results. Fourthly, the endless wires of both the mechanical-metal and the ossofied dead coming to one in this Horror Surrealistic SFF where even thin black strands reminding me of Death Stranding highlights further the Surreal edge of things and pushing the bounds of even bland reality to new heights.

Unto the text itself once again: I gotta say damno mango for the length it took to create this piece of art right here. (Especially for two months, four hours a day; like basically two-hundred-forty-four hours of your life gone for this beautiful artwork!) I like the close up shots and the references to anatomy, feels like as if I were looking at a study done by the people of that matriarchal society. Equally so, very professional artwork I could probably find by professional artists (whether it be freelancing to games to even movies!).

So happy less than two-month painting times and happy steeming!~

Thank you very much for the good words!!! Question: what does "damno mango" means?

To be honest... I had to translate and look up some of the references that you mentioned in your comment. Meaning that you think too highly of me :P. Please, Don't!
Yes, I wanted to represent dominance and pride... But not to society or something like that, but to technology cause we hold it high, the things we own are describing us, present us to the ones around us. We're revolving around it... If that makes any sense :P
Much appreciating your comment!

Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Damno mango is just a euphemism for God Damn with damn+o and the fruit just being a random fruit I thought of that rolled of the tongue well with damno.
Hmm, why shouldn't I?~ What if I programmed by the Tech Goddess to do such?~ :P
Well a massive part of society is technology, but equally technology is mediated by ideology and culture. Albeit productivists and technocrats like to think it's the whole of society. Hue~

Welcome for the comment again :P
Czerwony salut!~ (Red salute!)

She looks like she is going through a lot of pain which is understandable if you look at what she has in her hands, neck and head :) I like the intriguing detail and the dark atmosphere that is surrounding her.

2 months to finish!? WOW! That was a lot of work. But it was worth it as it's great!

Thank you for sharing! Congratulations on your curie vote!

The pain is in second place, cause these cables to represent some sort of control maybe... I don't know :D
Thank you very much!

Oh man, this so amazing!! You can see by the details that a lot of hard work is involved. Well done:)

thanks, buddy! Yeah, Crazy 2 months

Hi svdsdragunov,

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Cool! Thanks!

Nice art 👍👏 Love Biomechanics

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What's not to love, buddy? :D

Hmm. Good question. I can t reply this exactly. May be i don t love sorrows of another person.

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Something has to be horribly wrong with you if you did!

Finally a new piece from you, Dragu ! And this took a long time to arrive, all those live streams !!!!

I really like her arms,... those detailing on her hands are really wonderful and intricate :)

Welcome to nTopaz, too :) Hope you will enjoy it here !

Hey Hey Spideeey! What's uup? Thank you very much! I know that you were lurking at my stream :P

Hi @svdsdragunov
really a great job! At first I thought it was the photo of a kind of robot, when I read that it was your work I was amazed by so much care and many details that you managed to achieve. Yes, the impression he gave me was a reset of the woman's mind that remains impotent, but in the same it is as if waiting for something, perhaps the hope of a utopian freedom. Congratulations and Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you very much! There is something like that in it. I love to hear what people see and take from my works, and from art in general! It helps me understand what impression it leaves on your mind and how to use it in my favor :P

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Great work of art Nikolay!
Why its entitled "New Order"?

Thank you, dude!
Cause you can see it, and feel it but you can't stop it... The faces on the wall :P

Oh that's cool dude!
Keep up your great work!
Hope you continue sharing and posting here on Steemit.
Good luck!

Thank you, I definitely will!
Good luck to you too!