I choose you! Bulbasaur!! 🍃

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Good evening friends! I thought I'd share this cute little sketch that I did of Bulbasaur!

Sorry it's been awhile since I've posted. Realistically, I'll probably only be able to share new content twice a week, maybe three times if I'm lucky. Minneapolis finally got it's first big snow and we got about eight inches in the area I live. The terrible thing about getting a bunch of snow is how I have to wake up extra early to shovel before work. Melting snow is even harder to shovel since it's so heavy. My poor little arms... I'd end the workday feeling super exhausted and have little energy to do much.

Since this past week was Thanksgiving week/weekend, I've also been prepping myself to spend time with my extended family. I love hanging out with my cousins and seeing how happy my grandparents are when we've all gathered together. @kommienezuspadt made a tasty chocolate vegan dessert which was a huge hit! He's perfected the recipe since then and I can't wait until we're able to host a dinner party to share these delights!

I also found time to doodle with my cousins. My cousin T tried to draw Elsa from frozen and it came out pretty good. At first she thought I was insulting her until I gave it a go and proved that it's not easy. Disney characters are really hard to draw. For me, all simplified characters are difficult to tackle. My nieces were bummed to see that we didn't finish our Elsa drawings so I decided to whip up a quick Bulbasaur. Their eyes lit up during the whole process and I passed along my iPad for them to sketch in once I was done. I'd love to see more artists in the family!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my adorable drawing of one of my favorite Pokémon!

I'll be sharing the process video soon! 🦊


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Sounds like a great day. My daughter draws Disney since over 20 years and been accused for plagiarism by many. She is a great animator and I will never understand how she draws it with the mouse out of one line and so fast.

Bulbasaur looks great. I wish you strength with the snow. 💕

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Some people have never heard of fanart? o_O

@ryivhnn My daughter did and is on Fanart since years. Thank you.

It really was! ^^ That’s awesome that your daughter can draw Disney characters! I’ve never tried drawing with a mouse so kudos to the people that can.

@vermillionfox We gave her a pentablet and even a better mouse but after all these years I think she is used to her way of drawing and the way she thinks. She is 29 now I guess learning to draw differently takes more time. Happy day, thanks for commenting. 💕

Nice work!!
It's good memory for me!
my childhood era, I choose him! so cute and nice characters!😄
good drawing!👍

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You are getting a free gym workout every morning.

Dang you Lucky.

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Ahh so cute XD I did a set of all the starters that were around at the time (I don't think I'll do the new ones though XD), maybe your turn now? ;D

Yay for encouraging more artists in the family! Family gatherings are awesome XD

My daughter is desperate for an iPad and Procreate for Christmas. Sadly we don't have that kind of money, would have loved to get her one otherwise.

Snow sounds like more work than fun XD Hope you build up heaps of muscles and have no trouble dealing with it soon :)

I should!! It’s crazy to see all the new Pokémon they’ve made now. I can’t keep up!

I know right! I want all the kids to hold onto that creativity.

They are really pricey. Maybe look into getting a iPad air 2? Adonit has pretty good stylus’.

I did a bunch of lifting yesterday and I’m gonna get that muscle soon!!

I'm pretty sure that's what she wants anyway but...well money is always an issue on a single income with three kids that do stuff XD