Are chia seeds good for energy?

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I'm backwards researching this after putting some in my smoothie this morning. I bought them just for the fiber, protein and omega 3s. But I feel super energized, beginning even before I drank my coffee.

So I searched online and found a number of sites claiming it gives an all day energy boost. Now I'm usually skeptical of claims as subsequent self experimentation suffers from confirmation bias. But I thought I'd at least share that I found I had an energy boost before even knowing this was a claimed benefit.

I have subsequently ordered some flax seeds (ground) and hemp hearts (whole). I have used flax in smoothies before. I know these need to be ground to digest. I bought ground chia after assuming the same but from searches it seems it is not necessary.


I always use them as a protein boost in smoothies and an energy bar i make. Try #naturalmedicine... some folk there might have more to add.

Thanks! I've been meaning to look into making my own energy bars. My peanut allergy prevents me from eating most commercial energy bars.

I have an awesome recipe I adapt that is so easy and a great protein slice.

Here you go!

Incaberry & Pecan Maple Muesli Bars with Chocolate Reishi Topping

I cant actually find the post about the loaf and the link doesnt work, but I adapt this recipe and its awesome:

Sliced, its definitely more a 'bar' and you can swap out ingredients.

I originally heard about Chia seeds in a running book, where the local indigenous community would use them as a high energy supplement. Sorta like running gels, but more natural.

I think the book was actually Born to Run.

Curious if other runners out there have some good recommendations on natural / healthy energy drinks.

I'm not a runner but I'm a cyclist, so this could also be good riding. Thanks for the link! I'll have to try this next time without drinking coffee to see if the benefits last all day.