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Hello, my name is Anakarina, i'm from the eastern coast of Venezuela, resident physician of Anesthesiology and Schnauzer mom named Caraota🐶

I love plants, especially cacti, I feel that they transmit good energy due to their strength and ability to adapt to climate change.

In my free time I like to read, listen to music and sing karaoke, yeah I LOVE MUSIC!!.❣️ I like to help people, learn new things, talk and share with my family.

  • My dream is to travel the world, to know places, cultures and people. While I can't do it, I'll do it through you who share your experiences here 😊

Thank you for sharing your post, I hope you like my publications, I would like to share my experiences as a doctor, housewife, Caraota's mother and dreamer.

Finally, how would they say in my country ...

"Bienvenidos a Bienvenidos "


Bienvenida 🤗 , confiemos que viajaremos por el mundo, es parte de mis sueños también 😋

Feliz y bello día

Hello anakarina short and simple intro thank you and we love having you
Good luck blogging

Hello! In my country allways says that "Menos es más!" (Less is more). Thanks 🌠✨

Here that is not the case though you will see . But the fact that this is the first blog you will see that later on in your new career as a hiver. I wish you luck blogging and more is better than to little , something we dutch say

Thank you again, see you soon on Hive post ✨