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Here it is. my brandnew HIVE 3D animation.


Was a bit lazy with posting recently, but did a lot of work on new art.
Today, I can show up with something special. A full raytraced 3D animation scene with a 3D hive logo.
usable for HIVE promotion, if this gets a cool soundtrack and some female laszive voice-over declaring the future of social media has arrived. Would be cool if someone could finish it.

here are some making_of pictures






Big shoutout to Cinema4D mastermind beeple for his great open source 3d elements and resources, which really speeded up the creation of this work. if you use cinema4d+octane have a look here:

Don´t miss our exhibition in Cyberspace:



100 % original content created and produced by @elgeko



This is awesome! :)

Thanks man, would have rendered much faster in Octane tho . . . lol physical renderer took so long, even tweaked and optimized is ridicolous slow compared to octane.

Always some of the best artist works on the chain.

!discovery 30

Really cool! :)
Beeple is the Master of Cinema4d!
Know him from the beginning :)

Dude, this is next level! Well done!!

Woah... awesome! It looks like the opening sequence to an awesome sci-fi space adventure :-)

Looks good! And can definitely imagine it with a cool soundtrack though I don't know if we'd need a somewhat-android sounding voice or if that might have the opposite of intended effect XD (but it would suit so well)

Cool animation! I am working on my own sci-fi Hive art to post here too, and I like how the Hive theme uncannily lends itself well to a sci-fi-ish vibe.

I must be careful, though, that I don't end up making something that looks all too similar to what people have, or, are going to put out someday. :)

Hi ! This looks really great !!
How many hours did it take to render that ?
Especially without octane it should have been really long !

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wow absolutely amazing @elgeko love it! I could definatly use that in a hive promo video for FB watch parties etc. How long did this take you to do? :)