Independence Day In America

in #ocd7 months ago

Today, millions of Americans will celebrate their independence and freedom by blowing stuff up... wait, what? This sounds fucking stupid. For those who think they have independence or freedom have nothing but a delusional headspace. Government authority and freedom are simply a contradiction. Most people are not in fact independent as they heavily rely on their government to survive. A system that is built on hierarchy will always have people at the bottom and the bottom is where most of us merely survive. Freedom does not exist in a surveillance state. Most people don't know how to function without their cellphone without realizing how much this personal device really knows about you. Chances are your phone knows you better than you know you and that is really scary. It's okay, that data is only shared and sold to offer more control to those higher in the hierarchy system.
It's 2020 and at this point, I think most of us know that littering isn't good for this planet. Why do we forget this on the 4th of July? Why do we blow stuff up and launch garbage all over the place? I think we should ditch thew fireworks and focus on making this a better place to call home. Instead of celebrating by being destructive - Imagine if we spent the day planting trees and cleaning up the neighborhoods and cities that we call home.
So if you're someone who is celebrating today, I ask that you ask yourself why you are celebrating. Some of us have nothing to celebrate as we feel completely defeated. The joke is on you if you think we are ever going to give up.

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