Find the Lovely People

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All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way that they do.

I am humbled by these words every time I read them. It is easy to become disgruntled at the trials of life and look to our failings. Sure, there are plenty in my own life. However, after reading the words on this sticky note I am reminded that it is all for a higher purpose.

No one is immune to suffering. We may not all suffer in the same way, but we can all feel in our bones that something is terribly wrong with the way life works. It is not perfection to see imperfection in this world. Nor is it perfection to have all the answers to someone else’s troubles. We change the world by changing the one person who we are responsible for - we change ourselves.

The fact that we find kind people, genuine people, is a testament that they know the truth - it matters what you or I do with the crap in our own backyard. It is easy to look at the green pastures of someone else’s field and envy them. We forget they have learned to spread their manure better. We forget they walk through it like we do.

Every one of us has that choice to be kind, support and love. Being loving does not have to mean being a doormat for others to walk over us. Being a loving person can and is standing and facing down evil. For the opposite of love is indifference. Mild mannered love is no love at all.

I say find the lovely people and the injured people because they are often the very ones who see clearly. They care not for ego or status - they care about people and especially the person in front of them. They become that divine example of what it must be like to see our Creator face to face. For it is not the words we spoke that people remember about us. No, it is how we made them feel.

Find the lovely people around you. Find the people who see you and hear you and are not afraid to face down the evil in your day. Vibrant life is based on the quality of people around you. Find the ones who have suffered much, and you’ll find a friend who will celebrate with you.

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You are blessed to be around loving people!

Truly! Thank you my friend!

Yay! 🤗
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We change the world by changing the one person who we are responsible for - we change ourselves.


Feeling pretty blessed to know one of those lovely people who you speak of thanks to Hive😊

A lovely essay my dear friend, it’s little mind moments such as these that are the sprinkles garnish on a sometimes perilous journey of self refinement, thank you!

Oh dear friend, thank you. It is kind comments like yours which fuel the journey. Grateful for your friendship.