Fractional Sports Cards and Crypto

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I have been investigating the world of sports cards again for the last few months. It has been a nice trip down memory lane as part of my early entrepreneurial journey began with cards. My dad and 2 of my younger brothers would travel to a local card shop and peruse the offerings together. Those were enjoyable times and memories we still cherish. Lately, I am finding that sports cards are making a comeback and there are a lot of overlaps with crypto that seem to be coming.

I started in Bitcoin in 2016. At first, I was simply intrigued at the idea of a non-government issued currency. Through the years, I have come to see the importance and culture significance of this revolutionary technology. Until recently, I did not realize that something I enjoyed doing through high school would return to have a niche in the world of fractional digital currency like Bitcoin. Yet, small shares in pricey memorabilia is offering just that opportunity.

Most folks in crypto are aware that Bitcoin has a maximum of 21 million coins that are divisible to 100 million satoshis per coin. Until lately, the sports card industry relied on the physical asset of a card or signed memorabilia. Ie, you buy 1 card or jersey. Now, the opportunity in sports memorabilia is leveling out.

Companies like Rally and Collectable are offering multi million dollar sports items in a similar manner to buying stocks on Robinhood or Fidelity. Much like you or I purchase a share of Apple or Amazon and receive a return based on the companies performance, these startups are offering a share in the gradual appreciation of sports assets.

One might wonder if the value of sports assets really grow that well over time. Well, you are welcome to take a look at the chart below and decide for yourself.

Now, granted, that is not a long time period when it comes to measuring an assets value and staying power. 12 years is paltry if you ask anyone around the investing community. However, I think this at least raises the point that scarce, divisible, fungible, and easily liquidated digital assets are conducive for long term appreciation. And no, that is not bitcoin I am talking about.

I have not read much about the crossover potential that crypto and sports cards have other than Rally or Collectable. Frankly, those are traditional options with SEC regulations. I’d love to see this resurgence in the sports card industry capitalize on the potential of title or deed on the blockchain for the value that one can find in a Mickey Mantle rookie. $3.5 million in a sports card is no small change and that memory encapsulated in cardboard is not likely to go down in value anytime soon. Art from centuries past certainly has not. Also, moving that title of ownership over a blockchain with no third party intermediary sounds like the next iteration of this industry. The potential is there, and as a sports fan and crypto enthusiast, I am searching for ways to make it happen.

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