I Prayed For an Overdose πŸ’‰πŸ’€πŸ’Š My Heroin Love Poem

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Suicide really looked like the only answer, Now days Im just grateful I finally got my shit together


I Prayed For an Overdose

I was living my life wishing I were dead
Feeling like a book that nobody has read
Going through my days trying to numb my pain
So I kept pushing that shit through my vein

Forgot all about all the things that I ever held dear
Running out of dope was my only fear
There once was a time my life was full of hope
But I fucked around and gave it up for dope

I keep ending up running the street
Wishing for death not admitting defeat
My nights were spent in the back of a u-haul
Contemplating my misdeeds and not realizing my downfall

All I ever wanted was for this shit to be done
Because I've gone nowhere but was always on the run
I do all the wrong things to fill the void in my heart
So I ran from Baltimore to get a fresh start

An old junkie buddy said its all about being grateful
But its not easy to wake up every day and not be hateful
I forgot myself years ago, for a decade I sat on a shelf
Now putting in the work to learn about myself

Sometimes it's hard cause I don't know what to feel
Just look at my past, you really think I'll ever heal
All the time finding myself playing with my old scars
And wonder how and why I've gotten this far

They used to tell me stupid shit like God has a plan for me
But fuck back then I didn't know what it could even be
Through my own chapters of my book more has been revealed
And now I’m realizing that a lot of my scars have been healed

Now that my issues have been unraveled
It's time to take the road less traveled
No longer am I craving to shoot dope
And help others who think there life has no hope

I'm no longer wandering like the living dead
All because I've learned to control what is in my head
Suicide really looked like the only answer
Now days Im just grateful I finally got my shit together

If you or someone you know is struggling the way I did hit me up

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More of a hydromorphone guy myself.. But I feel you on this!

Those were so 2008

Only fucked with medical vials.. None of that pill in a spoon shit.


πŸ₯„ πŸ’Š πŸ’‰πŸ’€

If it ain't sterile... It wasn't going anywhere near me..

Fucking nurses also helps with this.. lol

canada rocks!

Something like this man. :P

Holy shit, man. I feel this SO much!

Not loving yourself and your life is a constant struggle. I too, on many occasions, have wanted nothing more than to fade to black and make the problems all go away...

That constant inner battle that is so misunderstood by the outside world is exactly why my brand is called Still Here!, and why 10% of its profits are donated to charities like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health America. If you're still here, it's not too late to put your best foot forward for at least one more day, and hope that tomorrow doesn't hurt so much.

It's so great to hear that you're no longer feeling so lost and alone. If you, or anyone else reading this comment ever does feel like nothing makes them happy, come find Sweeney and I'll vigorously wiggle my stache to get you to crack a smile, because I know some days that's all it can take to save a life.

"Not loving yourself and your life is a constant struggle. I too, on many occasions, have wanted nothing more than to fade to black and make the problems all go away..."
Facts man. I love that your giving back! I have a children’s book out dealing with addiction and all profits go to finding drug treatment scholarships.

That's awesome!

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