My Mental Health Wellness Solution

in #ocd7 months ago

I recently came across some interesting statistics regarding working from home during pandemic and returning to office - after. For many people, working remotely is one of the silver linings of pandemic life. Surveys show that a lot of people would rather quit their jobs than going back to office. Or they would look for new remote jobs, if their companies don’t offer that. 50% is the number! WOW!

Some other data shows that working from home is beneficial for people’s emotional wellbeing. They say that companies should change their policies, because if they force people to go back to office, they could damage their mental health. Go figure!

I don’t know about you, but my mental health seems to be determined by how many hours a day I get to spend with my cat. So I strongly believe it’s best for everyone if I work at home.

Anyways... I work from home for many years now... so the ‘after-pandemic’ situation doesn’t apply to me.

...but I agree with the mental health part... 😂🤣😂


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