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I'd like to share my experience as a rookie giving a facelift to the furniture in my apartment. A year and a half ago, I invested in a small apartment next to the beach in southern Spain. After the down payment for the mortgage and other expenses, I was left without a budget to spend on furniture. In order to give the flat a brighter and more personal touch, I decided to paint it myself.

The flat had a mix of wooden furniture of different styles, types of wood and colors, so the idea was to make everything more uniform.

To do this, I followed the procedure below for practically all the furniture :

  • 3 layers of chalk paint for the white areas
  • 2 layers of chalk paint for the colored areas
  • Decoration with stencils (purchased at https://www.todostencil.com/es/)
  • Paint stripping in white and colored areas.
  • For colored areas without stencil decoration, I gave white wax as protection.
  • For the white areas and stencil decoration areas I applied 2 coats of matt water-based varnish.

And these were the results:


I used the corners of a storage bed base that was in very bad condition to make a night light and also decorated some wooden boxes.


My apartment feels much brighter and homely!

I hope you like it.


Love the gifs, and I think you did a great job with your place :)

A bit of a diy wizz, pianist, programmer, what else? :P

Sweater? :P

It kept me busy! I'd paint more furniture but I'm afraid I don't have any more space. ohhhhh.

Haha, move over sweaty betty..... :)

Hmm, with the piano and dining table, maybe space is at a premium. I think on the photos I like the stepped drawers near the front door, they look super cool jazzed up.

Yes. And... less space, less to clean. That is a premium too.
When I finished it I thought... pfff too colorful, but I got used to it and now I like it too :)

Very true, with the sand so close by it's nice to not have to sweep a lot.

The shades go well together, and it seems you are good with your hands :)

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