Are People Still Hivin-in?

in #onchainart22 days ago

Ithaqa copy.gif

Just wanted to check in and see if there were still people here. Obviously I love blogging Ithaqa Comic here, and just want to see if the community is still active.

Happy New Year, all! I mailed out comics to Bryan and Steve for Kickstarter this week!


Still here and still having fun. The comics scene is doing pretty well with quite a few people posting. I hope to see more from you.

I look forward to getting the comic, but it may take a while to reach the UK. Hope it's all going well for you.

Lurking around and upvoting while working on the material for my next blog posts.

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Sweet! I’ll keep an eye on the mail. (Though it has been taking a looong time) And yeah, I’m still lurking here, always happy to see your posts.