Original portrait drawing - charcoal and pencil girl. No reference nd fully explianed

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I´m back again to draw portraits withput any reference, I might have to elaborate more on how is my process of creation but these pictures sums up very nicely what I do. so here I´ll try to explain it better.



The first sketch is just lines to put in perspective where the light comes from, in this one, the light comes from the upper side os the paper so that mean I need to draw where the shadows will be, I picture a full face structures before drawing the lines of the shadows, I need to know what parts of the face (any face) casts shadows if light hit from any angle so I draw the right eye (from my point of view) and I know that above the eye, the eyebrow casts shadows the closer it is to the nose so that whole part needs to be black, the nose bone and left eyebrow casts shadows for the most left eye so all that eye is lost in the shadow and below the nose, lips and chin will be darken for the most parts.


you can see here everything I described above, the vertical hatching helps me a lot to recognize all of her face structure and to know how big the nose is or how deep her eyes are, the larger the shadows below the nose, the bigger the nose is and also makes me see how close the light is from her face, I blaken some parts of her right eye, the beginning of her eyebrow and her lip to help me see it better.


up to this point I fade away the vertical hatching with a regular drawing pencil and some charcoal, fully draw her right eyebrow because the light is from that side and you can see that her left eye is lighter when is far from the nose as the closer to it is, the darker the shadows will be to give a deeper and stronger nose structure and also the shadows below her nose is darker and fades away further is goes.


Here is fully drawn all the details I could´ve added I have done it, fade a lot more her face and draw some hair nothing to fancy because I was focus on her face. I hope you all like it.



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