So cool! Love the cubic geometry moving in 3D.

Looks like your link got lost in translation. Working link:

I bought a few! Do you have any plans for it or is it just a test?

If you want to do a large edition of NFTs, usually projects will make a Discord "server" and build hype and an audience with that.

Thank you @pfunk! I fixed the link!
So you bough these? Awesome! I do actually have plans for this idea and I'm already working on the next coin which will go a bit deeper. At some point the backsides of the coins will morph into portals which will open into the surreal realities of my imagery.

Here are some test renderings from coin #2:





#2 will be an edition of 512 for 2 ꜩ each
#4 edition 256x 4 ꜩ each
#8 edition 128x 8 ꜩ each
#16 edition 64x 16 ꜩ each
#32 edition 32x 32 ꜩ each
#1024 edition 1x 1024 ꜩ

And if it sells it will go on. I have tons of ideas for this.

When I saw the number 1024 I wondered if you would do follow ups with 1/2 declining numbers :)

Do you mean the #1 coins' backs will morph or will that be #2?

What is your marketing plan?

#2 will look similar like #1 at the beginning but will change into a
different animation which will suggest there can be an opening on the back. The animation will also be longer. #3 will go even deeper and again with another geometry inside. At some point the coins will turn into portals into other realities.

I have no marketing plan. I try to rely on the intensity of my work as I always did. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

I've been selling NFTS on SuperRare and MakersPlace for quite some money. But the thing with Tezos is that its low minting fees make large editions with low prices feasible. I can't do something like this on SuperRare where every transaction, even placing a bid, cost tens of dollars or even way above 100.

Yeah Ethereum fees are crazy high. I've spent hundreds of dollars, maybe over $1000 now on ETH fees, and I've only dabbled with NFTs. The power of network effect in full display, if people are willing to burn so much value to be a part of it. I think going to a cheaper network is the right call.