"the cane and the wall" illustration for book

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Greetings hive people
I have too much stuff to post and too little time to post it 😂

This one is for a horror Book by Marek Zychla whom I had the pleasure of working with a few times before. This time A twisted, depressing tale...









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Great drawing that definitely bring on the concept of something twisted and weird. Makes you interested in what the tale could be about.

Glad you think so :) thanks!

My only two failings
I can’t sing
I can’t draw.
Love this

say I can, Ill try. i will. i am. do. action. repeat. repeat the repeat and repeat again. continue to repeat. form habit and routine. don't stop, and then pretty soon you would have figured out how to do what was so naturually bestowed within you since forever ago. remember your childhood drawing. they were good. i don't need to see them. they were authentic.

You can do whatever you put your heart into ;) thank you

You know I look at some modern art selling for thousands of £’s and think. That looks like a kid of 5 painted it!

So true. Makes you wonder if that whole "art" industry isn't just some huge prank.
I guess true art will stand the test of time and all that phoney splashes, drips and "installations" will be long forgotten.
Not to bet where my works are going to be by that time ;)