Nice song man, you've got a great voice and an interesting playing style.

I notice you've edited the post since our little tit for tat.

I'm sorry if it felt like I was laying into you personally.

I'd be happy to assist you to co-host the event, if you don't have any hard feelings.

Once again, well done on getting it together and having a go! Let the people sing!

Yep, I spruced things up a bit. Feels fresh and clean now. I have you to thank for the liberation of control, honestly, so thank you.

Nice picking there on a cool song.

Thanks dude. Glad to say we have two new entries today, so we're up to four. That feels like enough of a start to keep moving forward with the Hive Open Mic as a weekly event. What do you think?

Sounds like the start of something. The old contest had dozens at its peak. I know it was a lot of work for @luzcypher to manage and I think he did most of it manually rather than having any fancy scripts to automate things.