~ 108 ~ Walk With Me in Glen Margaret, Canada (#OpHumanAngels Style)

I Went Out Packing Chalk to spread Joy in my Community


I didn't deliberately catch that light in the heart. I was a little stunned when I opened the photos from today seeing that there. I feel very good vibes when I look at it!


For @phoenixwren <3


Peggy of the Cove Museum


The Water



Unfortunately ice still too. March has been a long month.


I can still see the beauty in the snow and ice, even though it's slowly killing my life force.



As always though, once I get out there in the fresh air and have been walking at a brisk pace for a while, all my worries go away, all my thoughts can run free, and everything looks more beautiful. Added bonus of sweating, makes it not even cold anymore!

My Favourite Wood


It's so beautiful once it's weathered.


I wouldn't paint it for the world, or even fix it, until it was completely necessary.



Birds of the Day




A Crow


The #ChickenBitchez


See them in the greenhouse there too? LOL

Headed back to Hacketts Cove



Forgive yourself and begin again <3

Edgar is doing amazing!


Couldn't have asked for a better cat, we are so grateful to have scored her. Won't talk about mouse updates though. I haven't seen ratty rat since yesterday afternoon. So, that's good. No mouse body though...so...no celebration yet.


I will find you yet Ratty Rat, I will find you yet...

Thanks for coming with me yet again!

Join us in the #ophumanangels tag anytime.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.16.28 AM.png

#OpHumanAngels banners by @khackett

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 9.43.29 AM.png


Nice chalking.. cool cat.. black cats are one of my favorites... they always want pet..

Wonderful stroll with such natural shots bring it on! The ice has melted here but apparently is coming in back. But a least i've got out for a few walks this weekend yipee 💯🐒

Are you still with that walking group? Beautiful walks you went on in the winter!

Yer just not been for a few weeks. With driving I have to get a lift, plus ave started cycling so been a touch knackered recently as my fitness builds. This week I'll have something :) 💯🐒

YAY chalk!! 💜 Smiling here now, thank you!
The #chickenbitchez look like they are peeping toms in that window, lol. What beautiful pictures of Edgar, and the crow!
I love the new chalk phrase ...forgive yourself and begin again. So nice. 💙
Edgar's find you yet made me think of Dr. Claw at the end of Inspector Gadget:

HAHAHAA!! YASSSS!!! We were raised on the same cartoons lololol!!!!! Thanks for the awesome flashback Phe!!

Also, I'm glad you liked the new phrase <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

OMG. my kids loved Inspector Gadget. brings back so many memories. Go Gadget Go. hoo hoo :)))


The flock is looking so robust and healthy. I hope Mr Pendock is no more a pain? Hahaha, can a leopard change its spots? Edgar is beautiful and seems to be doing a great job with ratty ratty.
Thank you for sharing.

Pendock seems to be behaving himself lately, fingers are crossed!

I will tell Edgar you think she's beautiful haha, she just absorbs compliments :) :)

There is my upvote and here are my tears. ((((:::::: I will take the snow from you if you want....if only to be back to my beloved South Shore. Do I have a favorite photo? Yes...all of them. How long is too long.? This long...should I do a blog about being homesick. Homesick for a place that has been home for only 3 years. But actually for 62, since I know that ocean is a part of me just like breathing out and breathing in. I am emerged in a bed of history here and all good, but my heart is heavy and sad. Your photos have brightened my day and I know I will return. soon, soon, soon. Thank you. xx

Just a few more weeks, I sure hope they go by fast xo Miss you too! I'll mail you some sea ice lol :)

I’m starting to think everyone in Canada are on steemit! Lol I’ve been watching schitts creek, is that a popular show up there?

I have never heard of that show, but I don't watch tv lol....

I'm glad you're meeting some good Canadians here :)

lol! should of known better. ITs a Canadian show and i always think of my steemit friends from Canada when i watch it.

Thank you for this @lyndsaybowes you don't know how much I love reading these messages of hope and love. Life isn't always easy and to stumble across these messages will provide a ray of light on even the darkest of days. Thanks for sharing my friend :)

Thanks for letting me know that these messages matter to you <3

Love that photo of the heart with the sunlight! That is sending you a message Lyndsay! I really like old weathered wood. It has a special character. No paint necessary! It would spoil the effect. The ChickenBitchez are puddling again! Don't blame them though. When is the snow leaving? Edgar is looking very smug. You may not find a mouse corpse. My cats show me the dead body because they are proud of the job they do and I have had my cats a lot longer. Then they proceed to eat the mouse. A bit gross with all the crunching sounds. So maybe Edgar just ate the mouse!

It's raining today so hopefully that will take care of the last patches of snow.

Thanks for seeing the specialness of the heart photo, it's so surreal to me.

Damn, I sure hope Edgar ate the mouse, either way I'm happy to have not had to see it for 2 days now! :) :)

an amazing coincidence, and you have a great initiative when you want to capture it into a photo. :)


It's like Love BEAMS or something!! <3 xoxo

yaa, i also think like that .. :D

Once again, I loved hanging out with you :) The "mural" photo for @pheonixwren came right after your sweet chalk drawings and for a tiny split second, I thought you were going to tell me you guys drew that haha (I'm obviously in need of some sleep;). It's true too, when you get outside and get moving, all concerns seem to just drift away. It's what exercise is really all about in my books!

Edgar!! I see there are no worries about whether or not he's going to fit in hey? He appears to be the king of the 'indoor' castle ;) Geez he's a beautiful cat! Maybe he already ate Ratty Rat too, because he looks pretty darn pleased with himself...maybe it's just the cat post he scored! Every day here I go and feed the stray dogs in the neighbourhood and today I saw a cat come around the corner, then another, another, another...4 beauties who wanted absolutely nothing to do with me ;) The dogs love to see me come outside though...tonight they had leftover ribs!

And just because there's a new guy in town (Edgar!), I still have to mention the beauties outside, all huddled by the house and the clever ones in the greenhouse haha

Nice walk and great little messages left for people; that really is a sweet idea. And, I do hope you get some spring soon!

Cheers :)

Aw, thanks for writing such a meaningful comment Lynn :) I'm glad you can resonate with the exercise thing, I need to get out more!

Edgar may have eaten ratty rat, David suggested that we look through his poop for mouse teeth LOL!! I'm glad I have a teenage boy, he'll be up for the challenge lool!! What would the world be without teenage boys?

That's so beautiful that you take care of the stray dogs in your neighbourhood....melts my heart!! You are a Human Angel!!!

ugh exercise...even the word sounds like work! If you can walk with a friend and exercise without knowing it, well that's way better I'd say!

hahaha look for teeth in poop!! I have two grown boys (20 and 23), but my god, they'd still be all over that!! I also taught high school for years and absolutely loved all the boys, but always had to be careful how I said that haha. It's the way they love life without giving two you-know-whats about what anyone thinks that warms my heart!

Ahh yes, the stray dogs! It would break your heart here! I was just out again tonight feeding and loving them...I'm actually working on a blog about it, but it just makes me so sad to write about it. There's a neighbour who got a sweet little golden retriever pup, who was beautiful and healthy two weeks ago, but is now skinny and flea bitten. I think I might do some recon and steal him tonight...we call that "half-kidding" in my house. It makes me crazy !!! Thank you for your "Human Angel" comment...some angels steal right?? :)

Stealing is caring!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I'll be looking for your blog, I think the #ophumanangels tag would suit your beautiful rescue missions!! <3 <3 Also, #thegoodnews. <3 <3 Thank you for being YOU Lynn!! <3 <3 You bring me a lot of hope.

Ahh thank you so much Lyndsay! That is such a beautiful thing to say <3

And thanks for the tips on the two tags to use. Done and Done ;)

...wait til you see the photo of the little pup; you're going to want me to steal him !!

@lyndsaybowes, Thanks for showing powerful strength today via stronger photography and stronger contexts. Edgar and #chickenbitches giving me most happiness. I'm glad to see your clicks today morning to me. Nice heart sign here. Gorgeous painting of Museum. The water seems froze looks. Birds enjoying on the rocks near water. Nice you decided to share.

Thanks, do you have any idea what the light beams on the heart are?

20180327_111019.pngthe environment there is very beautiful, but I am more interested in Mr. Pendock today. I have not seen the development for a long time because I am having many needs outside

What have you been up to? Gardening?

he, I'm trying to learn to plant in the garden to earn money as a necessity of life.

Wonderful Lyndsay, your kind actions with the tag #ophumanangels are surpassing the community in a very effective way. I followed this trend too and i am really thankful to you for this wonderful idea.

Stay Blessed :)

Thank you for being involved in #ophumanangels, much love and RESPECT @salmanbukhari54 :) xo

You might have to find Edgar's mouse meal in the litter box. Look for the little mouse teeth.

Wowww!! I will get Eddie to look hahahaa!! That would be intense if Edgar ate the mouse whole, don't cat's usually like to leave the body as a gift? ahhahaa!!

Sometimes they do bring the prey to show you, but sometimes they don't. I have seen cats eat mice or rats. When they do eat it is mostly the same. The cat chews and crunches on the tip of the tail first, then the hinds always chewing and crunching until they get to the head. With the rats they sometimes leave the upper front teeth, but with the smaller mouse they eat it all I believe. Also look for signs of the mouse or rat hair. The hair usually can't get digested that fast so it goes right through.

If you keep on seeing mouse or rat dung then your Edgar still has work to do. :)

There are so many beautiful places, like water, chickens, seagulls and everything is very eye-catching, I can not handle it, I think everything is amazing ..
Beautiful day @lyndsaybowes <3 <3

Mayhap Ratty Rat was smart enough to see its match in those cold green eyes and packed its ratty backpack to hit the road. 😎

If that is the case the dollar is mine. N'est-ce pas? You only got the buck if the cat ate the rat. Or was it the cat in the hat? P.S. I don't take pennies. The loonie must be shiny and include an ice cream cone from the Whalesback. Salty carmel. :)))

It would be worth a loonie to see Ratty Rat make its escape, yet the dye is cast and we must except the outcome. 🐀

oh touche....I see you are burning the midnight oil

Yeah with the minnow sliding bar to be able to set the percentage of your upvote it's been hard to get some sleep. 😎

well i celebrated too soon. went from 5 cents back to 3 then 2. ...any reply from me is worth millions anyways. :)))

...any reply from me is worth millions anyways

That's true of all Bowes posts. 😎

Everything was great today...
Thank you @lyndsaybowes for giving us a positive energy here in Steemit.
We love you

Thank you for enJoying the messages and photos today @yagoub <3 xo

beautiful pictures mam. walkwithme post are always amazing. 👍

this is a very interesting trip, hopefully I can get there

@lyndsaybowes your photography is best espacially hens . I like this picture . I appriciate your photography skill .
Thanks for sharing a nice photography.
Stay blessed and Steem on!

light in the heart...angel feet.

Great photography it's one of the best
thanks for sharing

You might have to find Edgar's mouse meal in the litter box. Look for the little mouse teeth

You copied David's comment and added a totally irrelevant meme. Downvoted.