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RE: The global 'scientific' experiment on humanity

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See, I think it's important for people not to skip articles that challenge their way of thinking. If we do we will end up only in our own little echo chambers and trotting out the same kak as the people around us.

I disagree with stuff here but at the same time I am more than happy to agree there is some nefarious shit going on with the government's and the various strategies they are pushing through under guise of covid.

I am going to take the jab willingly but I really do hope there is less of the frikadelen effect with it :0D

Chin chin mate!


but I really do hope there is less of the frikadelen effect with it

Get the point mate, but I'm telling you: just like oaldamster me being dutch also I know those frikadellen very well and it's really worth taking the risk ... yammy!

Hahahaha!! I love them as well actually. I get them from Lidl, top notch scran!

😃 Yeah, LIDL is where I get mine, reminds me that I almost have got none left in the freezer. Wonder how it will taste in spaghetti... 🤔

I wonder if they are the same kind!! I am out too. I was eating too many I think, lol

Will post a photo next time I get them. 😎 Sometimes I eat like 4 at a time, for a snack. 😄

Just got me self a new stash! 😁👌


Here we pronounce it as:
Frea-Kaan-Dell (#nl Frikandel)
{Frea, as in freak}

Frea-Kaan-Dell-Un (NL: Frikandellen)

With onions, curry or keychup sauce and mayo:
Spa-Sjaal (NL: Speciaal)
{Spa, as in space}

And with peanut sauce:
Pin-Daa-Souse (NL: Pindasaus)
{Souse, as in House}

#notcompletelyofftopic #frikandel #speciaal #pindasaus

Oh!!! They're different!! The ones I am used to look like fat burgers. They look awesome, I world probably have a load at a time!!! :0D

You can wake me up for a 'frikandel speciaal' !
Great snack while drinking beer.

Or what about one with 'pindasaus' ... ?
Also not to be sneezed at (to keep it at least in similar covid language) ...

Long time since I had one with 'pindasaus', guess the next time that is on the menu Amigo!

Hahaha, not to sneeze at no, but with that yellow/greenish American sauce on it, it kind of looks like that somebody sneezed all over it.

Thanks, I do appreciate your feedback!

To me it is important to keep an open mind towards other people their views. Many of the most interesting conversations I had was with people I did not completely agree with. Some would get to a point where we would agree to disagree and get another pint. Or it is like you state, where you can agree on some levels while on others not at all.

Many close to me will get the injection (or two) or already had (one of) them. And already many conversations had it as subject. Mine is to refuse, but that probably was clear already. :-) Glad to know I am not the only one who sees how this ongoing rotten situation is being abused to push some political agendas.

Hope there is no 'frikandellen' effect or that you turn into Ripley (although there could be worse things to turn into I guess 😁.) My advice woud be to enjoy eating a 'frikandel speciaal'. If you ever pop over the canal to these lowlands parts, I can recommend it!

Cheers mate!

I think I have had them before. Back in the days when international travel was actually no big thing!!

Pleased to contribute matey! If we all thought and did the same the world would be a very boring place!!

Next time that I pop a cap I'll drink to free international travel being a normal thing again in the near future!

Have a great day!