30 Day Progress on osu!

in #osu3 years ago

So its been a long time since I last made a progress post about my start in osu!
Today my first month has passed, and I feel like it went by quickly.
So I finally reached 1000pp and #500,000 global rank.

In my first month my play count was over 3500 with total play time of 1 day and 16 hours.
My best performance map was a pp farm map where I got 69pp (haha funny number)
The accuracy could have been better, but overall I am happy with it.
Also by some miracle my replays have been watched 4 times by randoms, I am suprised because I usually place globally top 10k in beatmaps.

If you would like to mutual with me then just message me on osu!
Profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/users/11764140