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Dear all, I have been slightly absent from the internet for about three month now, and, come to think of it, most of 2021 - It simply became a bother to even think about doing what I before enjoyed so much. And then there has been life - the real physical life - with a family hit hard by a death from Covid in early 2020, a really annoying and crippling gout in my foot that has made me unable to do much except reading Marcel Proust, the odd corona obstacles that I suppose you all have struggled with, a teenage daughter that needed me for heated arguments, a wife that has hoped for me to return to my culinary duties, all those people among family, friends and in our neighbourhood who needed our attention, and some commercial work for the PR-industry. Well... all that made it hard to keep up the Katharsisdrill posting.

But. 2021 has been a year where I finished the second album of Phill from GCHQ, and was very pleased with the result. I will make a Kickstarter in 2022 to see if I can fund a printing in the same fine quality as the first one. And I am finally ready to get started on the third and last album. I also finished another comic which I started to put up on my Dark Katharsisdrill profile, but never got more than a few pages published. They will come in 2022 when I feel ready for it. All those fiery, violent and dangerous discussion with my daughter has sharpened her wit, and her mental horizon, and even though it has been hard on the whole family (I haven't been the only victim), confrontation is the natural way to learn if you are a sensitive, dramatic and wonderful person. It is never wrong to hand over the weapons of mass discussion to a person that is underneath thick layers of martial mentality, kind, loving and smart.

Another great achievement of 2021 was me finally re-establishing an old Role-playing club consisting of my brother, my cousin and an old friend of ours. This has lead to an explosion in creativity, and a lot of this will probably lead to some projects that my brother and I will publish in a new collaboration that we are making with my eldest daughter.

The logo that is above this post is our joint venture where we will try to earn a bit on the Kickstarter website, mainly some D&D 5e material, 3d-printing and... well whatever takes our fancy.

The top logo (the Scarlet Brain) is my daughter's, the evil Hippie is the logo of my brother :)

I hope you all have kept your noses above water in this bumpy year, and that you will have a brilliant 2022.



Hi dear friend.

Happy New Year to you.

I pray 2022 is better than the last year for all of us.

Trust you feel much better now?

That is a fine thing to pray for. Things are lightening up here, and I hope the are in Nigeria also.

Happy New Year, Deborah!

Yes, they are. We're taking each day one at a time and hoping for the best.

Sorry to hear you have suffered and I fully understand that people need time away from things like Hive. Real life and the people we love are far more important. I still hope to see you back next year.

I love the logo. The three of you could do amazing things and I hope to see some of them on Hive.

I wish you and your family all the best for 2022.

Hive five!


Thanks. I plan to get things back to normal the next couple of months. I really look forward to get back to work on Phill.

All the best in 2022!

You've returned, perhaps only briefly, with your characteristic wit intact. Thanks for the chuckles! I've missed them. But it sounds like you've had quite the year, good and bad, the way life is especially with teenagers. Teens, in my case especially daughters, bring out our best after a few bouts with our worst.

Love the collaborative logo. Will the kickstarter be under the evil hippie account? I'm looking forward to the second volume of Phill.

I'm sorry to hear the foot is still a problem. Gout?! I've been hearing people with gout more and more often lately. I wonder what that is about. Foot pain is so debilitating!

Happy New Year!

Ups and downs. but maybe with a higher waveform than usual, and a lower median. I plan to get back to the quiet life of tending the garden of the internet in the new year. Modern medicine seems to be able to cure anything (except teenagers) so I am looking forward to publishing, writing, working and walking!

(I think that the Phill Kickstarter will be on my Katharsisdrill-profile :)

Happy New Year to you too!

There is no cure for teenagers because there is nothing wrong with teenagers. They are true to themselves in every moment, and make us be true to ourselves in those moments too. Those of us who are not abusers, or abused, have opportunities to deeply self reflect, a positive passage for all involved.

You haven't been able to walk all this time? What is the treatment for gout? It sounds awful!

So very true. It is a force of nature, and as such exactly as it should be.

I have gradually been able to do more and more walking, but for most outdoor trips I have been biking so I didn't exhaust my luck. It is tedious and painful. but not dangerous, so I have just been happy that the rest of me works well enough.

OK good. The thought of you housebound was alarming. I'm glad you can get out.

That was only the first couple of months (crazy experience). From September I started treatment and there's no way hurrying it. But I can get around and more and more every month.

It is so good to see you around.

What a year it has been!

May your health get better in the coming year as the days gift you extra patience with your teen & hopefully me with mine. Looking forward to your artistic resurrection and the inspiration it brings.

Happy 2022.

Thank you so much! I am sure our patience will last as long as it should. It is an explosive age. I remember it well and that sort of puts things into the right perspective for me :)

Happy New Year!

Good to see you around again. Welcome back. Happy New Year 🎈🎉🎈 to you and your family members. Greetings 🎊 @katharsisdrill

Thanks! Happy New Year to you too.


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Wow, man, a lot has really happened in your life of recent. Keep being strong, I'm wishing you very well all the way from here. Did you get my happy holidays email? And my other emails including the 30k plus words Otagburuagu?

Take it easy, man, I really hope you're not feeling any pressure from my side? Send a few words, I'm with you all the way👍

Thanks, mate. I will get back to you. I did read the Otagburuagu and the idea is great, so we will do something cool with it that's for sure.

Take care - I'll write you.