Something To Chew On That'll Enhance Your Shit

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You know all of the images I use are mine, right? It's been awhile since I clarified that, not sure if it's still necessary. Photos, designs, everything you see to visually enhance this content is original. It's been a long time since I borrowed something from Pixabay or Unsplash. Not that I won't. Both offer quality, copyright free images free of charge, I just can't remember the last time I went there. But that doesn't mean I don't enhance the shit out of them.


Example—check out this fruit stand in Sonoma, California, where produce grows all year long cuz the only thing the sun knows how to do in California is shine. Pretty bright, right?


But if you tweak it a little bit; increase the brilliance slightly and over adjust the saturation by about 20 points, crank up the vibrance 75%, tune the sharpness and max the definition, you can read Fresh on those oranges and all of the display pricing clears up. See how green the roof is compared to the previous image?


Tech savvy is not my strength. Seriously, I just learned how to clear the cache on this thing like a week ago (thanks @weone!). I do all of this on an iPhone 8 and iPad I got right around the same time back in 2017. Both are pretty dated at this point so your device more than likely outperforms them. If not, there's plenty of editing tools available in the App Store like Canva and Pixelup.


It adds quality to your content. Anything you can do to draw attention to yourself in a sea of quality content producers is worth doing.

I see a lot of authors, particularly those young to the blockchain, run stock images without enhancements. You're skipping a step. Obstacles like grammatical errors, tipeoh's, connecting with your audience, confidence and competence (to name a few) take time to overcome and forever present challenges.


Make it easy on yourself. Enhancing images is simple, you don't need a translator or anything. Tweak the contrast a little bit, alter the exposure 100% and increase the black point. Remove shadows and minus the temperature, have fun with it. It's your image, make it difficult to ignore like an obscene title.




Ah man who doesn't like to crank that saturation and contrast to the max, I would actually would like to do that in real life, like living in Sin City or 300.

Welcome back, I missed the expiration date on this one. Still fresh though...

When you say Sin City do you mean Las Vegas or is there another Sin City somewhere? If there's another one, I wanna go there right now, I'm always last to find out!

It's never too late for an Ed sighting.

Fake Boobies...

Enhanced Photos...

Both are just better versions of the original.


Looks like I'm going against the current again dude.

Only thing I like about fake boobs is when they're in a tank top.

No Sweat...
Me Sweating...

How I picture You against the current...

Well yeah but did you see the rescue party?

I see, saw,


I watched it with my x-ray sunglasses on.


She was packin' a bigger gun than you my friend...

But I just gotta know... Did She smell pretty like coconut suntan lotion.? Or Tranny Man Ass..? 😛

Check out this acid flashback. Trippy. Ecency must be processing an upgrade or buggin or something. The images won't come through but you said X-ray sunglasses so I thought you did this intentionally:


Like dayum!! Pretty creative! Weird huh?

So I went to PeakD, there they are. The see saw is hilarious and about the smell check; I don't know but would like to learn first hand.

Or even second hand...

Sammi Jo says Hello.

She has one of those county lockup mug shots just like you do... Heheheh

Sammi's Mugshot.jpg

Absolutely incredible image manipulation skills.

Thank you very much for your content that is very impressive.

Hey my pleasure man, I'm glad you think so. Thank you. Always a pleasure crossing paths with you sir, I'm glad you enjoyed the eye candy.

Well you definitely screw down some pretty awesome knowledge. So definitely I can't wait to see further content.

Really cool getting to see also it's a different things from other perspectives so thank you very much again for sharing two photographs with completely different perspectives.

My pleasure @ganjafarmer. And if you're gonna continue dropping such nice comments I demand you stop by more often!! =}

We were in Budapest last month. They have a huge public bath that's pretty ritualistic to their culture with healing qualities etc etc. As we were leaving we noticed a huge crowd across the street. A massive wine tasting expedition, the entire park was full of vendors. My wife and I don't drink but right in the center of the park was a gorgeous museum.

Cheers! I appreciate the kind words.


You are very welcome and I'll see what I can do about stopping in some more and saying hi.

Images are important for a good post, making a good impression on the reader. Nice post, and tenks for the mention. Have a great week!!!

Thanks for showing me how to clear the cache. I ran to discord that day like 'my app won't work! Ahhhh!!!' and you fixed it. I can be a real asshole sometimes but not giving credit where it's due I can't. 👊🏼

No big deal. Keep learning. Stay Blessed!!!


Does that say Mom upside down? =}

So, you are the image catfish, take the layer off and it is an ugly duckling 🤣
No, seriously, I sometimes battle with myself to barely touch the images so they remain "al natural"

Hey you're making me sound like a quack!

Well hello Rimicane. <3 Had I known the coolest European I've met in UK was stopping by I woulda cleaned the joint up a little, quick! There anything in my teeth?!

I'm not surprised, of course you're all natural. When ya got it ya got it. Me, on the other hand, I need all the help I can get!

Where ya been? Feels like forever since we did this.

Thank you. People like me need people like you to show us stuff like that. For the more advanced, there's a user called @ykdesign who runs some amazing PS tutorials.

Hope you're both well :-)

My pleasure Nathen, I'm glad this one helped you out. You already know all the enhancing tricks but you probably see content where the author could use a hand. I see a lot of it in the new section with dull or blurry, bland images and I feel bad cuz that's a deterrent. Even copyright free images look better with a little tweaking. I swear it took me like a whole year to figure it out myself, no one ever showed me.

Now about that fiber in your diet.

I used to enhance my memories.

The pictures in my head.


A few good APP-lications to do this are booze, drugs and a few things found in nature like mushrooms.

You should "C" what I "C"...

PHOTO Brain Shopped.

IMAGE Mind Manipulation.

Or as You know it...

Wake & Bake.

Todays High Shutter Speed Photo...
(un-enhanced - un-manipulated)


Thanks for the angle! A few more degrees and another inch up would've been ballsy.

I'm so guilty like released on my own recognizance guilty of everything you said or typed or I saw or witnessed or :hold please: my hand's blurry and the wood floors are breathing.

Ok, I'm back. Now where was I, I mean you, us! Here we go again dot dot dot dot.

Legal-Ease & Deez Nutz...

Legal Document # 696969


I had to investigate and initiated a crime scene reenactment. Both of wich I am highly qualified to do now that I have forensics studied and also watched Judge Judy, Judge Joe Brown and also Wapner. Then I deposed and took part in legal studies of your non-television. Television ramblings. The jury is still out and like me. Are well Hung... (dotdotdot)

My highly admicible in court findings were that inches and angles would have resulted in evidence of both "Kakis" and a "Drivers Seat." Those items would have been found to be in possessions of a very huge and handsome set of "Deez Nutz" also 100% legal. All of these findings are legally binding and are the property of @krazzytrukker


I'm so sorry I didn't upvote this the first time I saw it. They don't typically get past me, every once in awhile I'll do a sweep through to make sure I didn't miss anyone and, as rarely as it is, I get caught slippin sometimes.

Awwn, it's fine Danny. I'm okay with this reply from you. Next time once you miss it don't feel sorry, okay?

Well if you ain't just the sweetest F'ing thing! I appreciate that more than Thank you describes. That virtual pressure on your cheek was me.


You're just so sweet, I really felt it 🤗💕.

I comment under your post to increase my comment count and decrease my invisibility.

I respond for equal reception, upvote to increase your balance divided between both of us. =}

Thank you.

Nice :)

A lotta country music performers have been inspired by your photo.

Nice fiber-rich enhancements. My shit feels extra bonus now.

Nah, I didn't laugh out loud or anything.

Did you hear me talking about you just now?!

:Twilight Zone theme music:

Oh so you like my black and whites, do you? It's not all black and white, you know. There's a lot of grey area. Ambiguity and uncertain are difficult things to live with, though, so I create a false sense of certainty in my monochromatics.

I mean thanks for the compliment!

Naaaahh... I didn't totally do it again!

That's what she said.

I see a lot of authors, particularly those young to the blockchain,

If only they all listened... Then we'd have nothing to complain about

Us humans don't need much, just a fraction of a hint and we'll fight about it: up/down left/right God/science rain/heat blonde/yata yata.

Took me like a year to figure out how to enhance images. Thanks!

I was thinkin' bout enhancing my image...

Don't they have a little blue pill for that.??

Reptile. That's funny.

Rhino's make the blue pill look like a tic-tac and they're accessible everywhere in the US everywhere.

Bro is that the fruit stand off Hwy 29 or 12? I lived by the one in Boyes Hot Springs and would drive/walk by everyday

Im-press-ive. Very VERY good. That would be Hwy 12 my dude. about half way between Boyes and Big Bend. As you're obviously well aware, right in the middle of a buncha these I snapped a shot of on the same gorgeous, sunny day.


Yeah there is a fruit stand at that 3 way stop I would always drive past on my way back from SF by big bend, which I had no idea that was the town's name just know it is vineyard area and thought it was one big vineyard lol... but the one in Boyes is the one I would see everyday. That shot you included leads me to think that fruit stand is by that three way stop.

Ever been to Sonoma Market? They got really good double cheeseburgers and a very nice but expensive selection of local products!

Did you know that Sonoma Square is one of only two locations in all of California one can drink in public? Well, that was pre-covid.

Being from Vegas it's probably tough to believe you can't just drink wherever you feel like. I remember back in '08'ish I took a break from City Center and hung out with a friend in McKinleyville for a weekend. I cracked a beer in the parking lot of a little market there and they rushed me out so fast threatening all kinda stuff.

Ok, relax. I'm leaving.

Ever been to Sonoma Market?

Negative. I've been to the raceway once, made a couple stops at a couple stands, other than that, took Pura's great grandmother to her favorite spot twice called The Palms, that's it. They all knew her name there, gave her the same table each visit, same meal. Died 2 weeks shy of 101 years old. They treated her like royalty. As did I.

Too funny... We would go to the laundromat in the same parking lot. Lived about mile from there. The park across the street is pretty nice.

Indeed I mostly only adjust my foodies photos. But there it sometimes make a huge difference. Food photography any way isnt the easiest task.

Now you wont believe it was Stevenson who was talking about your post and made me curious.
Probably he is a little confused because of the new job ;-)

Anytime that dude has something good to say about my photos I don't take it for granted. There's a lot of exceptional photographers here but he's in a league of his own.

Hello @beeber.

I saw you drop your heart-shaped sunglasses to the tip of your nose to drop this comment. =}

I'm such a nerd when it comes to techy type image enhancing type stuff. I swear I didn't know you could enhance images on these things my whole first year of blockchain life. Really coulda used someone to draw me a map.


You calling me lazy? Well, you're right to do so. Sometimes I grab one of mine and sometimes I go to Pixabay. No matter which I choose, I do no enhancements. Au natural, baby.

Yes, that's exactly what I'm calling you. I didn't have the heart to tell you your copper donuts looks like rusted bearings! I know how sensitive Canadians are.

Wassup man? I've used plenty of copyright free images, but even those can really pop with a couple tweaks.

But anyway.. How's the dog?

The dog was hit by a truck and is now a vegetable.

I'm not gonna say anything fruity cuz I might sound cheesy.

Of all the places I thought that title might lead me, photo enhancement was not among them. Glad to see you're (posting) regular again.

Either I'm seeing double or I just replied to your other self. Was it you or the other you who represented yourself or your other self?

Glad to see you're (posting) regular again.

:warning: Mushy shit ahead.

Does I wish you knew how good that makes me feel describe how I'd like to respond to that? This whole writing thing and trying to put together quality entertainment for you guys thing is arguably one of the most challenging things I've done. Vulnerable isn't something I'm accustom to. This little side bit right here, the one you're reading, is me practicing.

Thanks man, encouragement in any form is highly appreciated. If you only knew what a sweaty palm havin nervous wreck I am as the post button approaches. Hate that fuckin post button. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Probably won't see anymore content til Monday again but I'll try to squeeze in two a week from time to time.

I'm trying to go up at least once a week again though. It's better than not trying I guess. Life does lifey things sometimes and I can't make it stop.

You're definitely seeing double. I know you like the encouragement, so I wanted to make sure you got 200% engagement. It's all me, the other me is just a little more me.

...regular...mushy shit... I get it. LOL!

I understand about life doing lifey things. Me lecturing anyone about posting regularly would be like throwing stones from a cannon in a glass house. I'm happy for every tidbit I get, because I enjoy your posts so much, that they actually encourage me to work on my own posts!

...regular...mushy shit... I get it. LOL!

You don't wanna be stuck with single-ply in that sich.

Hey man, remind me again, are you in Mass? And your brother, Chad, apologies if I screwed his name up but I'm pretty sure that was his name, was he in SC or NC?

I swear I'm going somewhere with this....

I'm in Western NY, but I have an uncle in Mass., and I went to school in Boston.

Brother Chad (good job on the name) was in southern SC.

Personally, I don't like being stuck with single ply in any sich!

Is that where the Fire Dept parked him or is that where he chose to live? You familiar with the state much or NC?

I ask cuz we've been forced to consider plan c, d, e and fuck.

Fuck man, that's a lot of backup plans, sorry to hear it.

I believe that the marines originally parked him down there, but he chose to stay. I'm a little familiar with N and S Carolinas. I know that where my brother lived, everything was bitey and pokey and swampy and poisonous. They have heat, and hurricanes, and there's fossilized shark teeth everywhere you dig. Trees are quite lovely though.

I know more about Mass than either of the others, but feel free to ask about any of them. Worse that can happen is I don't know.



Hi @dandays , you got some great tips and advice here


Jerry, how's the guitar goin? =}

I appreciate your support, thanks for the reblog and iHeart your profile picture more than THIS.

¿Guitar? I have three and almost never touch any of them. Almost as bad is my keyboards.
I am really really trying to get back my Mojo and begin practicing again.
Working on a version of "Then you can tell me goodbye great song. (I make some nasty changes in the lyrics too 👿, depending on my audience 🤣)

Great song. Not many songs that have been covered so many times by so many artists stay great but that one's an exception. Each version is nice and easy to listen to.

Impressive, I've always thought of making my images by myself but it's just easier to just take some from the free sites.

But after reading this, I think I'm motivated to try something new out 😁.

But after reading this, I think I'm motivated to try something new out 😁.

Mission accomplished!

The free sites offer quality images too. I've used a lot in the past and if I need some again, I know where to go. Originality is key, though, can't beat an original photo. And it's super easy to make them pop. A little contrast and the wind glows.


You're doing great, Hope. <3

You're right Danny, nothing beats the original. I will always try to make use of more originals, the only set back I'm having is my phone but when I get a new one, I will sure start making use of originals more 🙈.

Good morning Dan, have a fabulous day ahead ❤️.

Oops. It's super late now. I totally missed the good morning part. Maybe I shoulda waited til the morning to open this. Danget! Need to work on my timing.

You telling me your phone is more ancient than mine??

Yeah it's late already but it's better late than never 😅.

I guess so but I don't really know 🤷‍♀️.

Good morning!

Good morning to you too Danny 🥰.

Yeah you nailed it, lol 🤩.

You know all of the images I use are mine, right? It's been awhile since I clarified that, not sure if it's still necessary. Photos, designs, everything you see to visually enhance this content is original. It's been a long time since I borrowed something from Pixabay or Unsplash. Not that I won't. Both offer quality, copyright free images free of charge, I just can't remember the last time I went there. But that doesn't mean I don't enhance the shit out of them.

Duh 😏
If there is only one thing I know about you, it's this; your originality and authenticity.

If this means anything, I don't know but I want you to know that I'm really proud of you 😅( funny I know). You're learning so much about photography and basic photo editing and your work gets better every time. It gladdens me genuinely 😌

Sure is cool of you to reblog my content, I really appreciate your confidence in me.

This one is a no-brainer for people like you shoooot! You're my favorite people photographer on this whole joint, any compliments on my photo anything from Stevenson7, I don't take for granted.

Those words sound even nicer each time you day them ☺️

Grazie señor 😌

There's a handful of you. Fotostef captures architecture and landscape exceptionally, coloneljethro captures landscape well too. I mean, there's more on the platform with stellar skills, a lot, I just have some I can't ignore like cordivae and her b&w. Jethro captures tension unlike anyone, he's on the front line of places I'd be wary of. "Tension," I didn't even know it was a thing to get it on film. Big huge balls that dude has. But you, my man you're an emotion capturing gangster. Bar setter.

I didn't know photographing happiness and sorrow and curiosity was even possible, I thought they were just words.

That last paragraph is a beauty 😊😌

You know what's even more fascinating, it's the fact that I know and follow everyone on this list.

(We truly are a bit alike )

Did you see this one Jethro put up? Tough to find a favorite shot.

Thank you for showing me the light sir 🥺

Found it 😉
Yes, these are such valuable points to watch for when posting photos. You can always make a photo better and stand out in a crowd. And it doesn’t even take that long.
Great information for the newbies here @dandays 😎👋🏻 Thanks for that.

Have you heard of LightX Express? An app… for editing and so much more. I have it on phone plus iPad. When I was still playing with my iPhone 5 for photos it helped so much. Now they added even more tools to it.

Great post!

Have I told you lately I enjoy having you in the comment section? I do. I would tell you to rub the dogs ears for me but we're in the same boat!!

I'm glad you saw this one. You engage with so many new people so often, I see you atop the leaderboard daily, sometimes tricks are easier to explain when someone else already spelled it out.

I have not heard of LightX. Is it lame that I do all of my enhancing with the factory tools inside the device? I'm probably doing it the hard way.

Thank you.

Thank you kindly sir ☺️ That’s nice to hear. Hehehe I imagine it…

Of course I would check it out, we talked about your posting later today.
You are so right in that. It is easier sometimes. Why invent the wheel again, we are a WE, so we can share information. For all.

Nope not lame at all… I do both. Sometimes or the device alone… or the app alone. Or combine them.
It isn’t easy at all. See it like a little photoshop version. You do need to do a lot of things. But it does work well. Luckily it has a short tutorial in the beginning for each tool how to use it. Have a look into it 🤓 it’s cool. If not, also just fine 😁

Thank YOU so much 😁😎 have a good evening!

Nice edits. I edit all my photos as well. It makes a huge difference in my opinion.

Oh dude I can see your edits from a whole continent away. Someone who doesn't need photo editing advice is you!

You've been on idle lately with new content, been about two weeks i think, thanks for hanging around the comment section with me.

Thanks man. Yeah it's been too long for me. I am due for a post soon. Hopefully some time this week.

The image edits look way better!!! Yeah most phones have that capability now if they aren't taking good photos to start with. I can never understand a blurry photo here but then I'm not squeaky perfect either 😂😂


Oh the irony @dandays! Superb!

Hello @riverflows.

You know each time you stop by I get a visual of you in your yoga position on top of the cruiser, right? I'd have to dig through so much to find the pose I'm talking about, hopefully you know which one.

I was such a rookie when I first got here, I swear it took about a year to figure out I could make my images look better. I see a lot of content, mostly from new authors, who don't touch their images. Psst - You're skipping a step.

Always a pleasure when you stop by. <3

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Hello Danny 👋👋, Good morning 🤭🤭😊😊.

Hola! Buenos dias, Hope. = }

Buen dia Danday😊🤭😊🤭.