That Was A Mouthful

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One thing we can agree on is there's no shortage of life coaches. Doesn't look like we'll be running out of those anytime soon on 1 on 1 readddyyyyyyyy....


I've been staring at a blank screen for so long waiting for something to make sense I'm convinced I'm either morally desolate or surrounded by senseless shit.


I gave a half awake flick this a.m as I do most a.m's with my scrolling finger, not to be confused with my favorite finger and, within a few dozen articles, I held the answers to all life's questions:

Perfect diet, secret to happiness, best husband tips, how to pray and whom to pray to, market recovery, what to and what not to invest in, how to exercise properly, how to rest properly, proven techniques to stay focused if I remember correctly and everything else they know more about than I do and then it hit me like a theater full of innocent women and children—step up your fake it game, DanDays, and talk less about what affects you and more about Bitcoin or Spinterlands or Elon Musk amen.


I knew I should've waited. Too soon said the one I didn't listen to. A couple weeks in the comment section wasn't a long enough warm up. Each time I read something I wrote it sounds argumentative and I don't mean to do that. Those of you I've been chatting with recently who saw me respond, edit it, then edit it again, that's why.

I'm juggling a lot right now and then I watched that punk ass kid's livestream where he brought his Nintendo to life by firing 50 (five-zero) .223 AR-15 rounds at a crowd of defenseless, helpless humans instead of somewhere like Ukraine or Ethiopia where they shoot back—pussy. Hate is not something you're born with, it's something you're taught. #ParentsOfTheYear

So we're back in England now, à La relocated. That's not our joint with the open door, not sure who's it is. Ours is two over to the right, door's open.


We didn't really have a choice; weighed out all the options, flipped coins, wished upon a star, etcetera. We fought it as long as we could. My wife's really sick in case you didn't already know and requires extensive medical attention.

We're from The Land Of The Free to die unless you have private medical insurance which requires working a minimum 32 hours per week to maintain coverage which isn't an issue unless of course several hours a week are dedicated to emergency room visits, cat scans, routine pet scans, follow up doctor appointments not to mention immobile days due to pancreatic attacks totaling $1,946.08 per month out of pocket to maintain coverage plus an additional $800 per month in prescription enzymes equals killing us.

So we gave away all our stuff again, sold the car again, flew across the Atlantic again and set up shop in the U.K where all she needs to receive medical care is a pulse.



I'll do anything for her. Am I all over the place? I don't mean to be. My mind's going in so many directions my headache has a headache but I'll never tell her that. In reality I'm a mess with my game face on. Virtually I'm a mess with nothing on, bare with me.

I can't remember the last time I was this sober. Must've been my early teenage years or 30 years ago—150 dog years. A month and six days to be exact but who's counting 3, 2, 1, where was I?

I've been what I consider sober since August 2nd, 2014, not a single drink nor a single pharmaceutical since. You know it's bad when the date's permanently etched like the day your mother died. I never considered weed a drug, still don't, it's a photosynthesis derived plant like cinnamon or thyme, bananas and vanilla. Tobacco is another one which is socially acceptable worldwide by the way and, according to World Health Organization, accounts for 8,000,000 deaths per year compared to weed—ZERO but who's counting 3, 2, 1 month 6 days weed free and they said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Because Pura needs all of my attention right now as we navigate a foreign land where I'm not supposed say foreigner. I was made aware of that the other night when I referred to myself as a gimp. Not supposed to say that either. "What about cripple?" I asked, because I'm a one-legged gimp and they reacted as though I said the n-word. "Where I'm from, Foreigner's a band" and that's when they proceeded to roll out the list of politically incorrect terminology punishable by fines or worse in a country where cigarettes are fags:

Fuck You - Same as flying a middle finger. Can't do either in the UK because they can 'provoke extreme behavior' according to Section 5, Public Order Act 1986.

Debbie Downer - Not something I'd say anyway, wet blanket is my go-to when someone's being a Debbie downer but around here it's an insult to Down Syndrome.

Sissy - What I said was, "I'm a sissy in the cold" meaning anything below 70 F is freezing to me and I was made aware I can't say that because sissy means gay. Not gay as in happy, either, gay as in freezing below 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Spaz - Short for spasmodic. According to the English dictionary, spaz is an adjective defined as acting or proceeding fitfully however in England it's derogatory toward someone suffering from cerebral palsy.

Volunteer - It's not illegal to say it, it's just illegal to do it. I stopped by a charity organization yesterday called Focus4Hope and was rejected because donating my time to those less fortunate aka volunteering is considered work which is against the law without an NI #.

Ninja - Pura has a big tribute piece on her back in memory of her father with swords and knives and ninja stars spanning from one shoulder down to her waist. Our British friends were checking it out the other day and said they're 'throwing stars' which are illegal, too, because ninja could offend someone in a covid disguise.

Holy Fucking Shit - I don't know if it's illegal to say that, presumably so, it's just what I think of all these cultures determined to change language but nobody said anything about running a train on the K1 line.


That was a mouthful. What else? Oh, Pura and I intend to be at this Hive meet-up in Halifax next month. If you're in the area, stop by, maybe I'll see you.

That and I think @edprivat has us talked into attending HiveFest this year. I'm told it's in Europe, just an English Chanel away so why not? If you miss me at the meet-up, maybe you'll miss me at the fest too.

Otherwise that's all I got. Thanks for always being cool to me. Writing was never my thing. I climbed up and down tower cranes across the United States for 22 years, the most I wrote before this was a change order. Your encouragement and support for nearly five years has given me the confidence needed to do crazy things like write offline which is what I'm in the process of doing now, book No.2 is in the works as I write this. One of the many things I've learned from you is you appreciate my hard to believe personal experiences the most like the time I tried to go inside a house that wasn't mine so I'm currently in the middle of the one about the time we got caught passing counterfeit notes in Mexico.

And you who are not cool and do callous things like take what I said in private out of context, ultimately costing me more than two years and counting worth of support from some of the platforms top curators, I have no words dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot.

Now if you'll excuse me I got the baddest chick in the world in need of my attention and making her wait should be illegal. =}




So happy to hear from ya, it has been a while (priorities are priorities and you got tours at the right place). For a minute I thought that Halifax was the one in Canada, too bad as it is not. I am really glad that you have showned a sign, I really wish you all the best 👍

Vous pensiez probablement qu'ils parlent français au Canada aussi dot dot dot dot dot...

Wassup Peg? Nice to hear from you. I see you're still practicing your original art, very nice, your digital work is progressing exceptionally.

Yeah, #life, what a trip it is. What can you do, right? Just keep waking up.

Don't be a stranger.

I wasn't very active a few days ago and missed this post, but you can count me as a loyal reader :) Everyone needs a break sometimes, and welcome back @dandays. Life can be difficult at times, and the best thing that we can do is to do our best. I'm glad you're both back in the UK. Pura looks so happy to be there, and with you besides, she will be able to get through anything. :)

Take your time, I appreciate you stopping by when you do. As long as D and A is on the block, you can count on my support too. You're one of those who encourages me to keep pursuing. Thank you.

Plus Vietnam has been and still is on our radar, don't go thinkin I'm gonna distance myself from a quality tour guide, you.

I know!! I hardly have to do anything at all to look good when Pura's around.

All the best @trangbaby. Getting to know you has been a pleasure. <3


my my my...

hehehe i have so much to say- but really i'm just grinning from ear to ear and enjoying the fact that I just read a post from you!

giggling about those things you're not supposed to say hehehe

people are strange. hehehe i mean - i get it. words can carry weight. and we should be respectful and not try to hurt people intentionally and all that. get it.

but sometimes we do take things a little too far. hehehe

so happy that you're in a place where that girl of yours is getting the care she needs!

love you both!!

Nice to be loved, I feel it. Thank you. We love you right back so there thbbb. Sorry we didn't get to meet up, we were this close. Well if it wasn't for being on a tight schedule I mean and you not willing to cancel your tax appointment of course and other lifey thingies.

Yes, Pura's back with her doctor. She has her first scheduled appointment with an pancreatic specialist tomorrow. Get with me on WhatsApp if you'd like and I'll keep you posted. Thank you for caring.

I agree. People are too sensitive and I think they take things too far too. To this day, not a single word has drawn blood or even bruised flesh. They're just words—consonants and vowels like the things you just.... hello? Where'd you go?


HAHAHAHAHAHAA ok - but on that note - i was actually going to make a post about a particular word that is bothering me lately. hehehehe

not because of the word -

but because of how its being used to control people, intimidate, and silence.

but - i've been wanting to write it for about a month now. hahahaha

and i haven't. so who knows if i'll actually do it - cuz there are days when i'm just like. hmmm writing a post about this word is only going to add more fuel to the fire. maybe i just ignore it altogether and carry on with my merry. hahahahahahahahahaha

My husband always says say what you think says the blonde chick who really sucks at sharing couches with me cuz she's a frikkin couch hog and I could sit on the other one but between me and you, it's just us here, right? I love every second of it.

You know I really wanna know the word now right? Does it start with a C, end with T and rhyme with PANT? Did you? You didn't. C'mon, you didn't really think I was gonna say rhymes with stunt did you?!

Or starts with down, ends with vote and rhymes with clown boat? Haven't seen anything at all about that one all over the place post after post after post not even once—nope! No clown boats. I give, what is it?

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no no no...

i wrote about that a while ago... like 3 weeks - and i think my post was actually a nice perspective on it.! hahahaha

now i have to show you

no - this one... is a much different word
and you know i'm not gonna tell you.

you know i'm just gonna write it and then share it hahahahahahah

H. E. A. R. T the title. Like, all caps even. En route my friend.

Was it abolition minus the R plus an Eye?

(if you're looking at this, I know!! One mistake in the wrong spot and the whole thing's down the tube)

hahaha oh gosh no. you're going way too serious! hahahahaha

:warning: TMI

If you think that's serious, according to law they're trying to pass in the south where women are likely to be charged with murder for it I'm guilty of manslaughter like every week!

I warned you.



Well, I am glad you made it safe and to a place you and your wife can have more medical security. Yeah a BTC or Splinterlands post from you would be fun but you get curated nicely, I think, because of your superb writing skills and the ability to connect to your audience with out the need to use block coding or writting about trends.

Your wife looks happy bro! Happy wife, Happy life you bloody bloke!




I documented each step to the train station and back yesterday while the girls across the way painted their faces to match their sandals and, seen one matching sandal you've seen'em all, so I copied a curry recipe but as far as trends go, I have no words. dot dot dot dot.

Laugh Out Loud! It said it's illegal to 'be found' drunk in a pub. That's funnier than forbidding a 10 yr old boy from seeing a naked mannequin. <- Can't make this up, autocorrect had man Queen, could you fu f'ing imagine?!?

That. It's things like that. Genuinely kind things. Thank you.

Just saying hello. Writing books sounds fun. I should try that some day.

Hello. It doesn't suck. Gives new meaning to are you writing a book?

(The wreckage is in Lucerne Valley, California. What a TRIP!)

I hope Pura gets well soon! May I ask why she needs treatment when weed is the miracle cure-all herb?

She requires consistent monitoring, no longer than 6 months between MRI's and cat scans. And she consumes as many as 6 Creon per meal. In the states they're as much as $8/piece. Disheartening.

Cannabis is magical for *a lot including appetite deficiency unfortunately her pancreas can't digest anything without science.

Nice to hear from you WittyWheat, is that a new profile pic? It's been awhile. I hope this finds you well.

Looking on the bright side, at least she found out the cause of the problem and there is a solution to that problem. Only that it is tedious, expensive, and lowered her quality of life. Human beings are imperfect. Some people are born with genetic defects, some created their own problems or are plain unlucky to meet quacks that worsen their existing conditions. All kinds of life situations.

Yes, that's my new profile picture. I like purple hair. Thanks for your kind concerns. Take care!

I searched pink hair style but I guess I should've been more specific dot dot dot dot.

Always a pleasure to hear from you WittyWheat, enjoy the rest of your weekend. <3

Writing was never my thing. I climbed up and down tower cranes across the United States for 22 years, the most I wrote before this was a change order. Your encouragement and support for nearly five years has given me the confidence needed to do crazy things like write offline which is what I'm in the process of doing now, book No.2 is in the works as I write this.

Yeah! keep the good work bro. But play it safely so we can be able to still read whatevah you write in your blogs and that book Nº 2 eventually!! :D

Cheers!! :)

You know, for someone included on my thank you card list, you could've shown me how to make that little degree symbol thing you did for No.2 and no I don't mean a number 2 as in not a number 1.

I have so much to learn.

I have so much to learn.

Hahaha no problem brother. Over here is always an old Cranky Gandalf who constantly get great pleasure teaching you new weird stuff.

1) Press the "Alt" key on your keyboard, and don't release it. 2) While holding "Alt", press on the numeric keypad the number "167", which is the number of the letter or symbol "º" in the ASCII code.

The Luckiest Guy I Know Strikes Again. Make that 3 comments I've favorited, thanks mang. You on discord? I mean, not that I've had enough or anything, friend asking for a friend.

You on discord?

Yeah, but only sometimes. I'm not really a great fan of Discord. But on the few occasions that I do show up over there to get up to some mischief, I usually can be found joking around in the P.A.L. server. ;o)

I wish I never would've downloaded the thing. It's done me more harm than good. Well then do me a favoUr, don't be a stranger.

Hahaha just look at my sig and avatar. I could never be a stranger. Since today is Friday, maybe later at night you could find me wandering in the P.A.L. server.

Oh my word @dandays, your life has really changed, but at least your Pura can now get treatment sooner and not have to wait all night long in an emergency room! That really is invaluable and worth the sacrifices!'ll have to watch that mouth of yours and save it for Hive, I mean REALLY, they need to write a new Oxford dictionary which you'll have to study from beginning to end so you know which words are acceptable! It would drive me nutty having to mind my Ps & Qs!
We have to be careful here as well, but whereas they'll be polite in the EngLand, you could get accused of crime injuria; or the person you offended may just 'donder' you right on the nose if you're a man. Not a polite word to use by the way, literally translated it means thunder, but in Afrikaans it's not a nice word when giving someone a bloody nose! That's if you're in the big bully's territory and his mates are with him!
I do wish you and Pura all the best and hope she at least will have less pain now that she's getting good medical care.
You sure know how to write so don't go doubting yourself!

That might be the roller coasterest (stay with meeeeeee) emotion I've read in a comment. How long have we been doing this? A while. I felt your empathy and humor in that one, serious, I melted and laughed in the same breath. Sh.. Don't tell anyone I said that. I'm a sissy and allergic to donder.

You're a sweetheart @lizelle. Thank you for noticing, thank you for caring, and I'm enamored you mentioned the emergency room. Yes, we've come a long way and not just travel distance. Life is a trip. I've just been dealing with way too much to try to keep up with this social media stuff but wanted to update the people who care. My emotions get the best of me sometimes.

I know I've said this before said this before this before, but it's when my sweetheart, host type, someone's grandma type stop by I feel so bad for the curse words. :blue face emoji: I forget how public this is sometimes.

Lizelle, that virtual pressure on your cheek was me. Thank you. And for the reblog too.

'Awe! Tell her she's a kind soul!' -Pura

I remember the first time I was around a friend who smoked weed. He asked me, "are you cool?"

I thought he was asking if I considered myself to be a cool guy. I think he caught on to that when I replied, "yeah, I'm cool".

"No. Are you cool?" Which was puzzling that he kept asking in different tones.

Eventually I realized that he was trying to find out if I would rat him out.

Perhaps we should adopt something similar before speaking to people to find out if they're going to rat you out for saying naughty words.

"Sure, I'll tell you what I think. First, tell me. Are you cool?"

Hey, are you cool?

Wassup man? Thanks for the follow. I've been gone for awhile and don't know when I'll return to weekly posting but I already explained all that so I won't b-bro-b-br-broken record you. If I disappoint, just let me know and I'll kick my ass for you.

How much easier it would be if it was treated like any other flower, eh? Everyone would just be cool.

Pleasure to be met @shainemata.

No worries. I'm cool. You have to take care of the lady. That's what matters right now.

Nice bum, who's your mum? Or is it "Nice bum, where ya from?" Either way, nice bum. It's shitty that that's the reason you had to relocate but what can you do?

What's life, if not for adventuring? This is a good question and when you have the perfect partner for adventures, you might as well live it.

Some more cryptic wisdom should go here.

Sorry if I blabbed shit out of context but I was high on goofballs at the time.

Nice to see you again.

I've already edited this response an unseemly length of time and it still reads argumentative when all I meant was Dear Chris: Thanks for not being a cunt.

Speaking of bum, have'uh tug on me finger'ye.

Its a good thing. I can't imagine hiding from the rain with someone I hate.

It just looks like me dude, don't blink or I'll be gone like content views. This thing rhymed and I didn't mean to. Must be easy to do.

Hahaha, you mean thanks for not being a cunt to you. I'm still a cunt to everyone else. Lol

Touché. Leave a bad taste in their mouth, eh.

The joy of seeing your name appear in my feed tinged with the sadness your good lady is still suffering. Bombarding the pair of you with best wishes.

As for spaz, spazzie, spazmo, spazmobile and linked to Spacker...

Came from the word 'spastic' which was the old name for cerebral palsy. In the UK we had the the spastic society

Anyway, as you brought the topic up, and along similar lines, can you tell me what a 'flid' is and where that originated?

Who needs a middle finger and a boring 'fuck you' when we have wankers, cock heads and knob jockeys, not to mention the word bollocks or ballocks which is possibly the most versatile word in the English language!

Pretend you have fish and chips on your head, now pretend to add're calling someone a knob head! Easy and legal and could still get you your head kicked in :-)

Be happy guys, you appear to be back in God's own county :-)

Dang man, they didn't say that—figures! Thanks iThink. Considering English is what the English dictionary consists of as well as the language of the English, you'd think spaz means spaz: Awkward or clumsy. And they told me it was short for Spasmodic.

We have enough hurtful words to insult people without the additional edits iThink. Nowhere in the English dictionary does spastic say spaz or those othersp you spaid. The nerve of me. And by nerve I don't me nervous system associated with... ahh blutty'hell!

Enough of thosems wankuh!

Nice to be seen. Seeing you commented was equally tinging. Sorry I don't have better noose. But if there's one thing I know it's that no matter how shitty my hand is, there's never anyone willing to swap with me. We all have issues. These are ours.

You're off your knot, you, and on that thank you list I mentioned.

Chizz! (how they say cheers)

Still trying to explain flid but the WiFi on this short is lame!

Back in the UK! Unfortunately not the best circumstances but still, nice to have you on the same landmass!

Did you disappear? Has there been some mad drama I missed. Cuntery?

Kind of a long cunty story. I'm already the guy using an app to convert kilos to pounds and now they're looking at me like gi'toaf ya blutty phone ya foreignuh!

Nice to be back, thanks dude I mean mate I mean chap. A little chilly on the Laycock but medicine ain't a commodity dot dot dot.

The NHS has it's problems but it's bloody good in a lot of ways.

Don't worry, in no time you will be up at that counter asking for half a pound of mince. Lol!!

Good morning @dandays, so great to finally hear from you. I have been looking for you guys. I so glad you are getting settled in your new home, looks like a beautiful countryside, I thought for sure you would be in the city.

Crazy how in the UK those words are illegal, are you kidding me? I just have to laugh, but no joke, something has to be done in the USA about healthcare, it makes me sick to think we can't take care of our sick, shameful. Those fat cats in government don't want to let go of all that money from Insurance companies; hence they write the rules. Yup we're in trouble here.

Such a great move when Pura got her citizenship there, thank goodness. She'll get great care there. Please give her a hug for me and tell her I am always praying for her recovery.

Book #2 huh? Where's #1, have you published? Did I miss something. I mean I know some for your comments read like a book 😁 Any who, nice to see you again, you were my first friends on the blockchain and I still appreciate all your guidance. @splatts was right there too!

Thanks a bunch to all three of you.

Any time I can help you out, @farm-mom, I'm all arms. Anything. Wouldn't say I'm back, just wanted to touch base with people who care. Thank you.

I have nothing good to say about our health careless system and it'll probably come across all argumentative and I'm trying real hard not to do that, watch:

Thank you for the reblog, virtual smooch your way and sorry for the curse words darnit! It's when people like you and Lizelle comment I'm reminded how public this is and it's possible someone's grandma is reading this. I'm just in character, promise.

Can you believe there's laws against that poop?!

She's already seen her doc, been with a specialist, has an MRI scheduled and they not only charged zero dollars, they reimbursed our train fare.

The first one was this response a cookbook. My photography, lettering, editing and design, featuring 18 of Pura's original recipes with her original backstories when/where we were when/how she created them. We didn't have it professionally published, just a trial run so we pay out of pocket per copy but we got each of her family members one. They're impressed or at least they pretend to be. Would you like one? They're kinda spendy.

Your friends,
𝒟 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒜

If spendy means expensive, I don't care, send me a copy and an address to send a check. Use Bob's e-mail or mine [email protected] I know how creative you are and we are slowly moving in your direction, less meat, more fish and as always lots of veggies. Pura's recipes were always so enticing, we do smoothies a lot because of you two. I cook everyday and am always looking for healthier foods to put in our cake holes.😄


My pleasure. I'll cc Rob, too. There's 2 versions, the hardback which is quite a bit more expensive for them to print and the softback, same thing, just not as nice. It's her account so when she wakes up, we know not to wake the ladies up, I'll shoot you guys the details and tell us what you prefer. You're the best!


How they say 'cheers.'


He lives


Nah, it just looks like me. Much thanks for the reblog my fav photographer from Nigeria. Well this just got interesting.. Writes like me too.

So glad I managed to drag you to Halifax, looking forward to see you and Pura soon

Behave on the day foreigner

Awwwwe. That soft, gentle, virtual pressure on your cheek not to be confused with cheeky was me.

I'm so happy that you mentioned at least Splinterlands once! I was about to say that's great to have some news, but I realized that you are harassing me at least once a day, and yes I'll go to Hivefest with you stop asking now. Do you think creators like us get a free ticket, or we are just everyone else and no special treatments for actual superstars?

Hey who you calling creator? I'm not the one with a starting line-up in tow.

Bet your ass I plug Splinterlands (that could've been disastrous with a typo), I know how to make points. Now if I could just make'em count. I should've mentioned something about reward pool abuse or HBD APR TBH SMH LOL WTF.

Did you say HiveFest or HIVTest? dot dot dot dot.

You should had tagged #spt since you mentioned Splinterlands... I could had @dynamicrypto send in the curators...

I knew I was missing an acronym dammit. OMG I mean DMT, DOH!

TY my fav dude in OR.

Shit is so upside down and crazy, you’ve only scratched the surface. I had an it’s there by the way.

Found you guys a place on the country side it looks like. NICE!!

I'll do anything for her. Am I all over the place? I don't mean to be. My mind's going in so many directions my headache has a headache but I'll never tell her that. In reality I'm a mess with my game face on. Virtually I'm a mess with nothing on, bare with me.

That’s how men are designed… be the rock she needs brotha! Thought and prayers sending to the both of you!!

Did you mean Itsit? Lucky bastage.

Haworth, West Yorskshire, @Nathen007 claims it's God's country. You ever read Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë? I hadn't either, never heard of'em til now but apparently these Brontë sisters wrote a buncha books and the locals here act as though they're Stephen King. Anywho.. they're dead now, big tourist attraction is their home and this town. We're about 1,000 yards which translates to I don't know how meters (they spLeL it metres) from their old front door. We even attended a service at the church their dad preached at when all the funds that day went to Ukraine.

Much thanks, Splatts. Keep'em comin. Blow his email up.

Read a book??? You know Lineman don’t know how to read, let alone write….

Yards, feet, hands, meters, toes… just around the corner works. Lol. That’s pretty bad azz, I’ll look it up today while I’m making my rounds at work.
Cheer Bro!!


Good to see you back!!
And welcome to this side of the Atlantic :))
I hope Pura can get all the medical help she needs 😇

Who, mios? Never heard of'em.

Your consistency's ripiano superiore @mipiano. I can always count on your fresh keys and travels.

Thank you.


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They eventually fired him.

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So happy to hear from ya, it has been a while (priorities are priorities and you got tours at the right place). For a minute I thought that Halifax was the one in Canada, too bad as it is not. I am really glad that you have showned a sign, I really wish you all the best 👍

Hey, I missed this! Better two weeks late than never, I suppose.

Nice to see a little word (or a few hundred) from you. I just booked another weekend in Asheville for @dksart and I because I needed a few days away from the grind, and of course thought of you and Pura. We'll have to hit up another comedy show in your honor.

Hope all is as well as it can be over there. Definitely a shit-show here. Hugs to you both.

(Here comes 119)

I'll see your two weeks and raise you one.

We just might be able to make some meet-ups in Asheville again sooner than you think. England's being a bunch bloody arses about giving me residency. Never woulda thunk I'd have to consider gaining a Spanish residency to which I can then apply for a "frequent traveler pass" just to go back and forth to UK cuz they won't give me a visa!

I wish I was making this up but it's easier for me to get a Spanish visa than a British visa and she's British!

Nah, I'm not irritated at all, can you tell?

Did you make it to a show?

Much love, Plants.

Sorry you're having trouble with frickin' visas. What a pain. Hope by now you've gotten things figured out. How's Pura feeling?

We head up to Asheville in a week, so haven't had a chance for a show just yet. Debating another visit to that restaurant, though. I drool thinking about the falafel and might have to snag some vegan baklava this time around. Counting down the days.

Thanks for sharing, @dandays. I hope Pura is getting the medical support she needs now that you are both here. The NHS is an absolute miracle, and I wouldn't be here today without it. Like so many things, it needs more support etc. but the real world difference it makes to so many lives here in the U.K. is wonderful. Feel better soon, Pura.

Ben and I are looking forward to meeting you tomorrow.

Annabelle 😊

Hello Annabelle, thank you.

We just returned from Europe a day early because I told LivingUK a couple months ago we'd be there and didn't realize until a few weeks ago our return flight was in fact today—the 18th. Mayday! But a couple swapparoo's and here we are, back in England a day early. See you soon. =}

Chizz! (My British impression of 'cheers') :wink:


We've been scuppered @dandays - Lady Dorothy's welding isn't finished, so we can't make it...

Gutted to be missing out on a good old catch up.

Annabelle 😔

No wonder I can't find you. I've been asking around for you since 1 o'clock!

So sorry we missed you...hope you had a lovely time!

Annabelle 😔

So sorry we missed you, @dandays! I hope you had a lovely time...


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