The Good The Bad And The Urinals

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Don't lie to me!

We're not there yet. Family is a shoe-in but it takes years and years and years of developing a relationship or friendship, acquaintance or mutual respect for each other before we can just freely and openly lie to each other. Is this not the coolest set of urinals you've ever seen?


Things were so dope I kinda felt a little awkward pissing in it like 'is that a hand washing station or pisser?' Masterfully sculpted stainless steel beer kegs plumbed with 3/8" copper tubing. And when you flush one, they both flush, creating a stream-like symphony instantly cascading the dimly lit public toilet to a tropical oasis.

(Totally lied about the oasis part)

This isn't about urinals.

Sorry to back you up. Those of you on the edge of your seat, in deep concentration hoping for a handful of urinals and public toilets are gonna have to hold it. That isn't what this is about.

Well, unless of course you think public streets and footpaths decorated in everything from cigarette butts to dog shit, spent tampon applicators and toilet paper are toiletesque.


I just think if I didn't open with something fancy like custom keg urinals and a splash of humoUr our #teamuk tuned in wouldn't fancy this content and I don't want'em to turn the channel before we get to the good stuff. But, if England is home and your ability to venture around has been limited, you probably think this is normal:



It's not. And I'm from Los Angeles where even the infamous 6th street in downtown has street-sweepers that run between 7am and 10pm. Granted, between midnight and early morning hours you can hardly maneuver a vehicle through trash laden city streets in downtown but they're spotless by 0-8 hundred! Anyone caught on foot or behind the wheel in downtown LA at that time of night is outta their mind anyway.

I've never seen a street-sweeper in England. We've spent quite a bit of time in all four corners of the country. Maybe they run occasionally in London but I don't remember seeing any each time we've been there. Public trash cans are few and far in between too. Recently, at the train station in Leeds, I asked an attendant why there's no trash cans rubbish bins and was told for security reasons. Whatever the reason, they're hard to find. She said "leave your rubbish on the bench, an attendant will be by later to sort it."



Friends of ours came by and picked us up the other day. I kicked some trash out of the way upon entering their vehicle. I was waiting in the back seat of their car while Pura ran back upstairs right quick to grab whatever it was she forgot. I mentioned how out of all the places we've been, approaching nearly 20 countries now, with the exception of New York City and New York City only, England has the most garbage and cigarette butts I've seen on the streets.

Leigha, a real nice lady, both she and her husband are primary school teachers was surprised to hear me say that, "reeeaaally??" She asked while turning toward me from the passenger seat of their Volkswagen. "Rubbish, here in England? On the streets?! I guess I never noticed" and threw her banana peel out the window.



No fault of her own. When it's what you've been surrounded by your whole life, it's all you know. It isn't abnormal to her to avoid garbage by stepping over and around it or looking the other way en route to the market, bank, train station or anywhere else, it just is. A visitor trying to explain that to a resident without sounding like an asshole is complicated like anyone trying to explain to a blind guy what pink is—the good stuff.

We went to Prague last month. We only stayed eight days which isn't how we're accustom to venturing new cities, we like to stay minimum 30. But we went there to meet my future dog breeder. What we did not expect was to return confidently claiming without a doubt the cleanest, nicest, safest city we've been to amongst all of our travels both stateside and abroad is Prague.


Good luck finding garbage in that photo. Even this next shot of the mostly vacant parking lot across the street from our stay with some overgrown vegetation and construction nearby, find some garbage. I'll wait....


Our plane landed at like 11:45pm so we didn't get to our stay until after midnight. Our driver pointed out a few attractions along the way but what stood out to us the most were the number of ladies outside at that time of night; solo, unaccompanied by anyone, each with handbags over their shoulders and shopping bags in tow doing stuff like withdrawing cash from ATM's unconcerned for safety. As much as I'd love to tell you that's a common occurrence, I won't because as I mentioned in the beginning:

We're not there yet.

We weren't one time approached by a hustler eager to sell meaningless collectibles or persistent tour guides insistent we purchase their two for one hop on/hop off bus ride or anything. No drug dealers, no homeless, no pickpockets, no harassing police, no trouble and no trash. If you haven't had the opportunity to tour much of our globe, one if not all of the aforementioned are common in popular tourist destinations. Not Prague.


Gorgeous city with a lot of history. Delicious food, too, if you like duck and jam, pastries and sweets, or just garden style menu items. Lots to offer.

People are kind too, as are British people, both cultures are real welcoming and hospitable. Safety, however, although England is worlds ahead of Los Angeles, compared to everywhere else we've been, no comparison—Prague sets the bar.

For such a small country with a relatively small population at just 10 million people that hosts millions of tourists annually, they really have their shit together as far as cleanliness. Tough to find trash anywhere on the ground and street sweepers run all day long, even in the rain. Right outside however, not so much—England, Czech. England - England, Czech - Czech. Flap Flap Flap Flap Flap










FYI banana peels are biodegradable!

FYI That's what she said.

That and something about animals eat it. I had to explain how the cans and busted glass and dope bags and take-away boxes and dog shit and empty cigarette packs and candy wrappers and plastic forks and coffee cups and subway sandwiches and vape oil boxes and granola bar wrappers and used diapers and spark plugs and empty paint cans and surgical masks and tissue and old mail and degraded condoms and ball-point pens and empty water bottles and receipts probably all started with a banana peel.

Did you know that every time you throw a banana peel you make a happy tree out there ? It's full of nitrogen I personally through banana peel anywhere I can because I consider it as a gift to humaniy joke aside she isn't responsible for all the other cans and litters that has been thrown on the side of road I do understand your point that you just trying to make it starts with a banana peel yes for sure for sure I understand I'm using speech to text to write this comment so they probably we be no punctuation

no punctuation..

I hardly noticed.

The perfection of Ai

England has the most garbage and cigarette butts I've seen on the streets.

Reeeaaally, D and A? 😄 That's something interesting. So you have been traveling. No wonder I didn't see you around for a while. I love this picture of Prague. It's really a neat city!

🤔 But how do we know that's not a picture of a part of Prague? There could be dirty streets located in some parts of the city. Every country has its share of both dirty and neat streets.

I hope you had a wonderful time in Czech Republic. More pictures please! 😄 Have a great weekend. !LUV

Hey whaddup Kemmy?! Sure do miss seeing you in the comment section. <3 Thank you.

I think I shared several. Not one of them has garbage. That's not to say outside the main touristy areas is the same but they really keep all of Prague presentable. Pleasantly surprised.

England, well, I'm equally surprised, just not for the same reason.


You wanna see filth in the streets, pissing out in the open be sure to visit cities in South Africa. Was not always like this, from a place of pride and cleanliness to stench, murders and mayhem!

Prague you got my vote, keep it that way!


Prague is gorgeous Joan. I always say, don't take my word for it not because it isn't true but I'd love for whoever's listening to see it for their self and make their own decision—let me know what you think! But I didn't stretch the truth at all. Pleasantly surprised is an understatement.

Yikes. When I imagine SA I see grasslands and wildlife, safari's and sunshine. Well, at least I'm all practiced up how to turn my head.

Thank you. <3

Would love to see the all bordering countries between old East/West naturally excellent by what I have seen, was unable to visit when young with borders still closed back then.

SA has grasslands and plenty wildlife, it is to get out beyond cities where filth lurks. Safari and sunshine await, still a cheap destination.

As always, you've written a shit ton of words and I always relish every single moment of reading it. From the title already,this seems like a classic 🤣🤣

I'm on my way to church now, so I would come back, read it and make a better comment

Put in a good word for me.

Check me out not forgetting to say thank you for the reblog and don't think I didn't notice the new profile pic. I appreciate the kind words more than this sentence conveys.

Hey, if I ever disappoint, let me know and I'll choke myself out.

Put in a good word for me.

I did.

And PS, now I won't ever let you know when you disappoint (not that you can). 🤣

Those urinals are pure class!! Almost the best I've ever seen, the best I have are in Brisbane where you piss onto the bar below or so it seems You can see everyone downstairs, but all they see is a big mirror - pure funny!

Ya litter is a serious affliction and in England and parts of Ireland too I must admit - it's mixture of things - pure ignorant people who think it's ok to throw things on the ground, lack of enough bins in public places, emptying same bins often enough by council and sometimes the wind can be the culprit by blowing tops of wheelie bins and loads of stuff flies out (I have seen that plenty of times) but to be fair number one culprit is ignorant gobshites.

I wanna piss in Brisbane! Like, a lot. Coffee after coffee after coffee. How fun.

Wassup man? Thanks for checking this one out. I'm not gonna lie, I thought I'd lose some friends on this one, seems it's opposite. Pretty happy about that. Glad I didn't say anything condescending in the title.

Ain't those great! Had to go grab Pura like 'you gotta see these things.' I Can't remember what it's called now but it's at a mountain bike shop/coffee joint/rest spot on the side of the canal between Leeds and Ilkley.

I didn't place any of that shit dude. Unlike most here, I carry my trash til I can't. All I did was snap shots. Looks like an infectious lack of respect to a couple foreigners.


We have a street sweeper in Pontefract. Lovely bloke busting his bollocks all day to try and get ahead of the trash who mainly come out at night and throw shit all over the place.

Leeds city station has had no bins for years due to IRA bombers hiding bombs in bins, hence 'security' reasons but despite this, how difficult is it for someone to stick a mars wrapper in their pocket.

Prague is beautiful, I'm sure you'd love Tallinn in Estonia if you ever get the chance.

The rubbish in the UK is a disgrace , as well as the hustlers and deadbeats. Enough, you've got me on a pet peeve. Irresponsible scutters too used to a nanny state where no one can do anything or say anything without 'offending' someone. No one wants to take any personal responsibility.

Ahhh those urinals were cool though. Goodnight :-)

Liepaja in Latvia is lovely if you're ever doing Baltic States.

Thanks for admitting you agree. Man I've had this one on the back burner for a minute cuz you now how sensitive the English are, probably bring a feeling to the internet and I'm not a feeling crusher kinda guy. :whistle:

Whaddup Nathen? That makes three of us then; you, myself and Pura carry trash in our pockets, even chocolatey ones. Busted glass, shit bags, fast food, I didn't place any of it. All I did was snap photos.

IRA—now I get it.

Tallinn, noted. Ever been to Stockholm? Had a dude in Prague tell us only place he's seen cleaner was there, I gotta see it!

Thanks Cheers Nathen.


You're going to have the middle class Guardian readers along soon, blaming it on government cuts as usual.

Stockholm, sadly not but would love to although I'd I worry about going to a city named after a syndrome. Only place in Sweden I've been was Malmö which was a bit of a dump. Would love to see Gothenburg in winter one day.

I do like your travel reports :-)

I LoL'd at Guardian readers and even more at syndrome. That's funny!

The part about not having bins due to security reason is true, that's why when you do see one (yes they do exist in UK) often they're transparent. But I can't believe the attendant told people to leave it on the bench!

We just carry our trash til we find one. Sometimes we do, otherwise it makes it all the way home. Total outsiders here.

When she told me that, you're never gonna believe this but, I didn't know what to say!


Those are some fancy urinals.
That's interesting that they don't have garbage cans for safety reasons. In France there are very few trash bins as well but for other reasons. They don't do takeaway food and drinks here so there is less need. In turn there isn't much trash in the streets though either. It can be a pain as a Canadian who likes to carry around a large coffee to go haha (when I can find a place that sells them - usually the odd starbucks). I sometimes end up carrying my empty cup or wrappers for long periods of time or throwing them in a backpack to take home lol. There are garbage cans around, they are just much fewer and far between. But I don't see them overflowing with paper cups like back home either lol.

You and me both. The worst are the chocolate protein bars on my way home from the gym, it's a 1.5 mile walk. Doesn't matter how careful I try to be, I get chocolate on me every time.

Coffee to go. That's funny. And so true. 'can I get a to-go cup please?' And they look at me like I said something wildly inappropriate.

Wassup Leaky? Cultural differences are unavoidable everywhere huh? Unexplainable too, I'll tell people how this and how that but until you're in it, you don't know. And the worst you can do is try to impose your culture onto theirs, no way! That's not how it works. Just tryna blend, just tryna blend. But it seems I always got an empty coke zero bottle in my back pocket around here.

Eh, we're making a couple more quick trips before we do some readjusting in EU like I was telling you. Not sure how close you are to Paris but we'll be there Sept 20-27, just sayin.

Thanks man.

Paris but we'll be there Sept 20-27, just sayin

I'm moving back to Canada mid September. I'll already be back home by then. Can't make it to Hive fest either lol. Timing is always off in life haha.

Damn the bad luck! That woulda been cool to hang out.

I'm excited and something else at the same time. I think we'll make it to Hive fest this year but looking back and now this year, too, considering like 99% of users aren't whales, why they gotta be in the wealthiest cities? Not rich.. wealth. Where's next year's Paris? San Francisco? Never hearda one being in Nigeria. Or Arkansas.


Back to Canada, eh? That was a good run. How long you been at it, like 2 years? Mind me prying a little? What's up, your wife's gig is over or something?

Yeah I hear yah.

It will be 3 years I totally. It was only ever supposed to be 2 years but we extended an extra year. She goes back to a new project/position in Canada and I have to look for a new career myself.

A whole lot of room for angst, excitement, curiosity. I love that kinda stuff. I call it Livin. You know how if you're driving, tired, probably shouldn't be driving and AH! you wake up to brake lights! Barely miss the car in front of you by a playing card.

You know that feeling I'm talking about, right? Takes over your whole body. Heart in your throat. I call that feeling alive. Big moves/decisions like that kinda have the same effect just less intense.

I have issues.

Stop me any time. How young are you? Got a career path idea? Don't answer shit if you don't want. Cheers dude.

Yeah moving is definitely like that, especially when you have pets and have to bring them across the ocean on a plane. I'm dreading it.

I'm 36 and on working on my second career. I was a fire sprinkler designer for 5 years but then went back to university to get a psychology degree and then Master in Social Work. We came to France right after I graduated so I haven't actually gotten into it yet. But will on our return. That's the plan anyway. We will see.

That other comment I did was just a goof comment because I was about to start typing this comment out and then I was like, wait. I said "just wow." That means I can't say anything else about the garbage post.

Wait, I guess I should have just left it at "Wow", then the "just wow" is implied. Arghhhh, I am such a stupe sometimes.

Anyhow, that is fantastic to see the difference in countries. People here are fucking gross like those trashy fuckers in England except they throw it in the ditches. Mostly beer cans though. Sometimes I pick them up when I'm working and we get shut down for a bit. I'm in the ditch anyhow so I just walk a few hundred metres in each direction and pick up the garbage. We get a dime for every can or bottle so I will usually make $3-$4 on each little walk. That's all profit, baby. It's also more than I make for most of my videos and takes way less time and effort. lol

Have I told you lately how cool your profile pic is? That and I think you're gonna LoL your a-s-s off at the wow response. PS—you missed a whole buncha gifs in your honoUr on discord.

Wassup Chris? Surprising right? I put it in my pockets here, even if it's an empty coke zero bottle and I'll carry it all the way home if I don't find a trash can, that's my vice—not trash in my pockets! Coke zero. I was the guy back home who would pick up the one gum wrapper en route to wherever and curse out the person who wasn't there. I've seen trash, everyone sees it, it's different here.

Even on job sites and I'm a filthy name calling cat callin construction puke, it's an unwritten rule pack it in, pack it out. It's not like that here.

..$3 - $4 on each little walk.


Thanks dude.

Yeah, everyone here packs it out on the job. You get fired if you throw butts on the ground. Once you get off site though it's a different story.

Yeah, the one guy that was working for me was kind of making fun of me as I was doing it. Just sitting there asking how much ditch gold I got over the radio. I said I found 34 cans in 15 minutes and when he started making light of it, like he was above that, I said it was $3.40 I didn't have when I got there and it made the ditch look a bit nicer.

He doesn't work for me anymore. Found a better paying job for 4 weeks. Probably made $500 more dollars than he would have with me except then he has to find a new job in 4 weeks.

Even when I smoked man, however long ago that was, I don't remember throwing butts on the ground. Not to say I never did but I remember vividly I would put'em out on the bottom of my shoe and throw it in a can. Then again, I haven't been many places without trash cans like here.

Weed, however, totally different. I don't throw toss that, no need, smoke it til the last ash.

This reminds me of the time (2011) I was on a small A2-A2 Jersey Dairy Cow in Santa Rosa, Ca. Our French Freedom Fighter meat chickens were ready for harvest but since, supposedly, I was the main care taker and loved the birds too much; I had leave the farm for a vacation to Las Vegas, NV to see Dj Icey.

I had not been to Vegas in years at that point. After landing I waited at a bus stop for a friend. While waiting over near the Popeyes chicken on Trop and maryland, this guy took his whole meal and threw it in the street and started cursing at narrowly missing cars too. I remember noticing a lot more trash after that moment in time.

Yeah, being a stagehand in vegas I have seen so much trash but I am often in back alleys, back parking garages, and trying to blend in. The trash has gotten worse over the years. The desert is like one huge dumping ground. One time I (we) found a newspaper from 1969 and it was the man on the moon cover!

Anyways, I am glad you are traveling safe and enjoying your time out there!

You just sparked a lot. Icey! Man I haven't thought about him in probably two decades. He was doing breakbeats before breakbeats were a thing. Never got to see him live though. I'll be attaching a track after this, looking forward to finding one I remember.

Trop. When Javonne Walker got traded from the Pack to the Broncos around 2005'ish he got jacked right there on Trop and Maryland (at a Terribles if I'm not mistaken). They got him for 100k or something crazy like that just in jewels.

That and my favorite dive bar like fav-fav in all Las Vegas (you've seen it) was right there on Maryland—Ellis Island. I still remember my bartender—Kimmy. She ended up marrying an iron head.

Thanks for the memories. And thanks for the curation, much appreciated. Alleys, back door entrances, sure. Here, dude everywhere's an alley here.

If I wanted to and you wife allowed it, we could chit chat for hours. So I went silent on ya for a day to study but yet I barely studied and more worked in the garden😅

You know Ellis Island is on Koval across from what used to be Ballys. Most everyone I knew went to Ellis for the karaoke and cheap beer but I was the stay at home pot head. Although, I would go to the Rum Runner to habg out with friends occasionally.

This quote reminded me of a time in San Francisco:

Recently, at the train station in Leeds, I asked an attendant why there's no trash cans rubbish bins and was told for security reasons. Whatever the reason, they're hard to find. She said "leave your rubbish on the bench, an attendant will be by later to sort it."

I used to hang out with this guy in North Beach SF. He was a Vietnam Vet who rose the flag out front of the 666 church(The famous church joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe took wedding photos at) every morning. Well, one morning a Vietnamese homeless person (just ironic how he was Vietnamese is all) started taking the recycling cans out of the bins at the park. Man my buddy went off on him. Went on about city taxes funding the park etc. Those bins did attract lots of homeless people for their recycling.

I can only imagine in the UK there would had been lots of machete and knife attacks over Newcastle bottles.

...there would had been lots of machete and knife attacks over Newcastle bottles.

That's funny.

Koval! Correct. Touché. Maryland runs perpendicular to Koval. But I remember Kimmy! I miss Ellis Island. Koval and Sahara, right?

Do you know Summerlin well? That's where I was staying. We had a dope ass spot there; in ground pool, jacuzzi, swim up bar, a fitter engineer owned it and rented me a room. I ended up getting two other wiremen rented rooms there. Oh man... Completely.Outta.Control.

Ellis was my favorite dive and Mr. D's on Rainbow and Oakey in Summerlin was my favorite quote, nice bar, end quote. The house was conveniently located in those fancy housing tracks right there one block west (toward Red Rock) of Rainbow.

I'd totally piss there.

Can be quite messy in some Canadian cities but I forgot to take pictures.

It's only cool to take pictures at someone else's house.

I'm a regular there now, the American that keeps ordering coffee and pisses. Guess the ladies have standard porcelain toilets, ha-ha! Sucks to be them.

They can get one of those devices now that straps on or whatever and let's them stand to piss. It's a funnel I guess but you might have to google this as I'm not an expert on such devices. They could even piss on the seat if they wanted to. Then just walk away all casual like.

Go-buddy. I'm not even gonna google it, if that's not what it's called, it's real close but wait! Lemme explain.

Getting my hair did in Long Beach at the beginning of the year, real cool chick cutting my hair. She and Pura got to talking, one thing led to another, come to find out she and her boyfriend do a lot of traveliving too. Been all over the place. For whatever reason, she told her about her go-buddy, even pulled it out of her purse and showed us.

Yeah, I woulda thought it was a flask.

A buddy of mine back home built the hobo lounge adjacent to his shop. Turntables, keys, bar, fire pit, cool hang out spot. He turned an old aluminum VW fuel cell into a urinal. It's cylandrical, positioned horizontally, it's the second coolest now.

I think yeah, that's probably what it's called. You know what I'm talking about. It's actually quite handy for some women apparently, and that's fine by me.

I'm often in the middle of nowhere so I just go wherever but usually where I don't want grass and weeds to grow, like along the side of the shed. Saves time when it comes to mowing because I don't have to get out the weed whacker. Mhmm. ~nods confidently~

L to the O to the L.

Yeah I don't think we would have much use for one. Kinda pointless.

What a difference! So somehow it must be possible to make people aware of al the trash. If it works in Prague, why not in other places?

Hey what's up FiatGirl but not fiat like cash money.

Cultural differences are a trip huh? From one place to the next thing are so different. On it's socially acceptable to smoke inside and throw candy bar wrappers on the ground next to the crushed can. Other places are just respectful I guess.

Nice to see you here. <3


Trashy post... Pissed me off...!!! Maybe, better than pissed on...??? Maybe not?

Depends if they're marking their territory or just being a filthy animal and, well, plus the obvious of course, who's dog is it?

Wassup man? You know I love me some Angryman feedback. Much thanks. You good? Haven't seen you put anything up in awhile.

Yes, I'm good ~ Dog... I've been more comfortable lately just visiting, voting and commenting rather than up-loading masterfully produced, exemplary content of which the huddled masses have come to expect of me...

It's been a pleasure seeing you occasionally showing up in my feed again. I don't subscribe to any of those pinging do-jiggies... so, don't feel as if I'm ignoring you if once in awhile you might wind up too far down on my friends feed to be discovered, silently cursing me out in loud thought.

Pass that along to the French, potato farmer guy as a favor so I'll be less likely to suffer the dire consequences of his wrath, too...

When ya got it ya got it.

I keep saying I'm gonna focus on that or the other thing and then I do it for awhile but between the practice and sincerity I receive here, after a couple weeks in the comment section, I get to missing you guys so I blabbity ba-bo bla about something. It feels good feeling confident in my investment, though, that never sucks. I'm sure it has a little to do with being thousands of miles away from everything I know and all my human interaction involves a monitor and virtual space.

Speaking of.. Man, they won't let me stay here. Didn't see that one coming. My days are numbered. This is plan B like _________ (enter all your favorite curse words)! So we're trying to juggle that obstacle now to the best of our ability, unfortunately there's no books on the shit so we're the blind leading the blind.

See what I mean by human interaction?

Thanks for keeping an eye on me sir.

They won't let you stay in the UK...?!?!?!? Or are you still in Hungary or Poland? I lose track of your exploits at times😏 Czechoslovakia...?

Jeepers-Creepers. Stop confusing us senior citizens...!!!

Dropping litter was the kind of thing that would get the death stare from my mum when we were little. I don't know when children and young people stopped being trained to put it in a bin or take it home. We have a junction near here, just on the edge of the built up area and it is covered in litter - some bell must ring in people's heads to tell them to throw their litter out of the car at that very spot. I have done litter picking jaunts there, but never seem to get it clear.

Good morning Shanibeer. Between me and you, it's just us here, right? I was kinda hesitant with this one not wanting to hurt anyones feelings. I mean, you know how sensitive Brits are. =•}

Unfortunately, it's pretty bad here. Whatever it is, sure does look like a lack of respect to a couple foreigners. Not necessarily for each other but undoubtedly for their country. Don't you guys have community service?



Really, I don't understand it. I guess I should ask more often in an interested kind of way. I did pick up a bag one day and hand it to the person who had just let it slip from their hand, saying, "you dropped something". They looked so confused. It's daft that we have volunteer groups of litter pickers clearing green spaces. Actually, we do have regulations about litter dropping, I think there are on the spot fines, but the people charged with implementing it are subject to a lot of abuse and regarded as pariahs. I imagine it's a difficult job to fill. We do have street cleaners here, they come out in the evenings, and I've seen pressure jets in use to clear gum from pavements (they never keep up with the tide).

More than two million pieces of litter are dropped in the UK every day. Yes, apparently, there are fixed fines of £150 for dropping litter, rising to £2,500 if prosecuted.

2 million?? I don't know much about real estate but that's a lot.

I'll take your word for it on street sweepers. Certainly they're somewhere, I just haven't seen or remember seeing any. London I'm sure has them but the streets there aren't much different.

With all due respect; where I'm from, with this much garbage and shit and butts and.. on the streets it means you're in the hood. Like, hood-hood as in don't go there—lock your doors, frequent ghetto bird patrols, hood. The first time we got to England back in 2019, maybe '18 I remember thinking we booked a stay in the hood.

Negative. The more we've explored, the more we realize it just is. Even gorgeous country like Brontë Falls in Haworth with streams and rock formations or the highest beach in England near Ilkley; if you saw a couple of Americans picking up trash, that was us!


Um, whatever you do, don't drink the beer on tap at that bar with the urinals.

Prague is pretty!
Portland is full of trash, too. Much of it from our abundant population of houseless, hurting, angry people. We also didn't have public trash cans on my street EVER until a few months ago. Public trash cans are not a big thing in this city. And then the neighbors go apeshit when you put your dog poop bags in their smelly, full trash cans.

Yeah I'm all for recycling but the line's gotta be drawn somewhere.

Hello you.

I spent a short time in Salem when I was a kid. Other than that, I've only been in Coos Bay and Canyon lake. Stayed at both for several months though. My impression of each was real nice, I don't remember any garbage. I do remember the fuel in Coos Bay wrecking the carb on my bike pretty bad. Had to rebuild the thing like every other day, constantly removing a real fine, black, sandy grain looking soot. Me and a couple other guys, same issue. Interestingly enough, once we left, they were fixed.

Look out Portland! Don't make me do a contrast between there and Orange County, Ca.

I know almost nothing about Salem. The name scares me and I'm afraid if I go I'll get burned at the stake. I think I've been to Coos Bay, but never on a bike. Weird about the fuel. Huh.

Look out Portland! Don't make me do a contrast between there and Orange County, Ca.

I wonder who would win. I haven't been to Orange County, like actually hung out there, since I was a child. Driving through on the 5 doesn't count. But LA's freeways have a nice lining of debris.

Ah, you only noticed cuz you were parked. Hop on any LA freeway between 2:23am and 3:14am (when there's no traffic and it's dark) you can hardly tell.

LOL that's practically the only time I'll drive LA.

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DanDays + Pinmapple.

Wow, just wow.

Wow spLeLs Mom upside down. Now try No Parts backwards.

Hahaha. Also, you need to practice your spleling.

You need to stack more BBH (Each 1000 BBH in your wallet allows you to send 1 BBH per day)

You need to own more token


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You know at some point I was wondering how you'd be getting the stares while crouching to get a photo of rubbish 😅.

Leigha is so funny 🤣.

And PS, I was hoping the post would be about urinals and be a bit more 'toilety', I was a bit disappointed 🥲

Have you noticed my style's been evolving toward that lately? I'm not sure where it came from. This whole writing thing isn't something I've done before so I'm learning at both our expense.

But I'm not opposed to it. I kinda like the way we begin in one spot, then take off somewhere completely different. Adds a layer of uniqueness to whatever the hell I'm doing.

I doubt this will surprise you but I intentionally waited until someone could see what I was doing. A lot of people watched me crouch down to snap a photo of garbage. I think they're too many generations in at this point to care; mom does it, dad does it, Leiagh does it and doesn't even realize it like breathing. It's too accepted now like smoking cigarettes—that's another one! But maybe I made an impression on one or two.

Baby steps

This is a long response.

Have you noticed my style's been evolving toward that lately? I'm not sure where it came from. This whole writing thing isn't something I've done before so I'm learning at both our expense. But I'm not opposed to it. I kinda like the way we begin in one spot, then take off somewhere completely different. Adds a layer of uniqueness to whatever the hell I'm doing.

This is obviously your trademark, so if you see evolution we see an even better Dandays, lol. That large amount of unconventional humor is something that is getting forgotten these days but you're a master at it.


I got this thing I do when I can't describe how much I appreciate what was said. Might seem like nothing, to me it's not nothing, it's even pink. A similar explanation to this typically comes with it too.


Have you noticed my style's been evolving toward that lately? I'm not sure where it came from. This whole writing thing isn't something I've done before so I'm learning at both our expense. But I'm not opposed to it. I kinda like the way we begin in one spot, then take off somewhere completely different. Adds a layer of uniqueness to whatever the hell I'm doing.

This is obviously your trademark, so if you see evolution we see an even better Dandays, lol. That large amount of unconventional humor is something that is getting forgotten these days but you're a master at it.


The urinals are the finest I have ever seen and I would probably hesitate to relieve myself in such a work of art. What's not cool at all are the trash littered streets. To think that discarding your trash this way is commonplace makes my head spin.
The only good thing about being a litter bug is that it creates jobs.
What a contrast between the streets of Prague and England. Stepping over liter every inch along the way has got to take away from what a tourist is there for, enjoying the sites.
When we were in new Orleans during the Mardi Gras, by the end of the evening, the streets were covered in debris, but by the next morning they looked like this.


Oh dude Fat Tuesday in New Orleans puts everything to shame. I've been through there at other times though, that's why I didn't rank it. Fat Tuesday, though, and the week of Mardi Gras, makes England look like Macy's. I'm sure I got a Fat Tuesday photo in here somewhere.

Wassup man? Stark contrast eh? Thanks a lot for the reblog. I don't know if you caught this comment section; one of my UK friends shared a link stating 2,000,000 (two million) pieces of trash are discarded on the streets here per day. I didn't place any of what you saw, it's everywhere, just point and click.

Fun fact: Last time I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, I still drank. That'll sober you up right now. Fact—I stayed inside when the sun went. Not a good place to be that time of year for a drunk outsider. Prague.. any time, any day, I can't say enough good things about it.

Much thanks Sweed, I appreciate you keeping an eye on me this whole time. Now where's that photo....



That's a lot of trash and with no street sweepers how the heck does it all get picked up. Lets say they have 1,000 people on garbage patrol that means every person would have to pick up 2,000 pieces a day. Some of the shit in the street I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

When we went to New Orleans we booked the stay without realizing that it was the start of Mardi Gras. It was a whirl wind. The day we went to leave it took us better than 8 hours to get to our car. We were right in the middle of it all and couldn't find a way out, surrounded by the continuous parade. After walking around with our luggage in tow for several hours trying to find a way out we sat on a corner for another 4 hours before being able to cross the street.
Glad to have experienced the utter chaos, but would never do it again.

Love the masks!

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