Are they REALLY Web3? Or do they just use that as clickbait?

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Ok, hang with me for a sec, this is serious..

Let's say you're a Podcaster, Livestreamer or Video Creator. You need someplace to Host your media files and content.

Before you choose a Host for your media, be sure to find out if they're already Web3. NOT "we're working on it" or "we'll have that soon", etc.

Ask the Host these questions before you invest anything with them (like your time):

  1. Do they syndicate your videos, podcasts and/or livestreams to the Fediverse?
  2. Do they make free Atom, JSON and RSS feeds publicly available from your media without a login?
  3. Do they fully support Podping notifications for audio, video, livestreams and even audiobooks, movies and music?
  4. Are they a walled garden? How many other websites will display and stream out your media?
  5. Do they stream your media out P2P (remember Napster)?
  6. Do they have a fast, easy to use Dashboard for you to manage your media uploads?
  7. Do they stream your media out with 320K audio and/or 4K video (livestreams too)?
  8. Is the uploading process of your media to the Host fast and easy?
  9. Does the Host provide the service of auto-importing your media from third-party sources such as Anchor, Bitchute, Captivate, Feedburner, Fountain, Google Podcasts, Libsyn, Megaphone, Odysee, Podbean, Podcast Index, Podomatic, Podverse, Simplecast, Spotify, Transistor, Twitter Spaces and Youtube?
  10. Does the Host auto-monetize your content for you in a trustless, free and open source way?
  11. Does the monetization of your content require you to have an account with Paypal, Patreon, Square, Subscribestar, or other Company of some sort?
  12. Do they offer searchable hashtags and media categories to make finding your media easy?
  13. Do they offer closed-captions accessibility or sub-titling for your video uploads?
  14. Can your content be freely embedded on other websites outside of the Host?
  15. Can your content be easily shared with all of your web2 followers?
  16. Does the Host give you beautiful, customizable pages for your channels?
  17. Do they have "buffering" issues when streaming your content?
  18. Do they use a distributed filesystem (aka "seed nodes") for storage of your media files? S3 remote storage by way of Minio, Wasabi or Ceph? (proven tech, not theoretical "in the future" tech that might come some day)
  19. Are those seed node operators incentivized monetarily? If not, why isn't the Host sharing their profits with the seed nodes?
  20. Do they utilize distributed processing such as Peer handling, bandwidth negotiation and remote transcoding of your media files?
  21. Do they have excessive overhead expenses? Unnecessary staff, inefficient processes, wasteful marketing venues, lack of automation, or huge servers at a corporate CDN with a huge, expensive internet connection?
  22. Do they syndicate your content across multiple Web3 domain names for you? yourchannel.onion, yourchannel.loki, yourchannel.eth, yourchannel.1, yourchannel.yo, yourchannel.dao, etc.
  23. Will your pages and media load fast, be responsive and look awesome on all mobile devices?
  24. Do they make you agree to and accept a Terms of Service (ToS) contract?
  25. Does the Host require any kind of personal (KYC) info from you such as an email address or phone number?
  26. Can you get free technical help at any time in their encrypted chatroom or by encrypted, private message?

Try a Hive-Tube Host, you'll be glad you did!

Some examples:

Web3 technology is already here, but you have to actually USE IT.
Q: Do they USE IT?


This explains even more ... thanks!

Really great questions!
I want to see everybody use it.
I want to see average ordinary everyday people have their own content platform. Fully decentralize everybody and everything.

Awesome questions. That sounds like a topic for a book!

I forgot that I meant to introduce you to @kencode ... serious-minded multiple-time successful crypto author YOU, meet multiple-time successful crypto developer @kencode ... you have excellent CONTENT, and Ken has big syndication opportunities working between Hive and the Fediverse (federated blogger universe -- the part you probably know best is WordPress, but it is much bigger than that). The two of you may find some synergies!

I've heard of @kencode. @unklebonehead and I would like to have him on our podcast @defluencedcast.

It's coming!

Oh, magnificent -- the last person to meet you two turns out to be me, which is great because the synergies are already being planned!

Wow jeez thanx Dee! :)
Podcasts are awesome, that's why we are putting https://Cast.Garden together too, just need to get more Podcasters and livestreamers on tere before we actually submit the site to the indexes etc (first impressions are everything). Anyway, thanx again! :)

You're welcome -- I just felt like that was a fit.

Thank you for answering one of the questions I have in my coming e-mail to you this morning as well -- I knew about the reason for the delay because I had seen it in another comment, but I did want clarity, and there it is!

Decentralization and crypto rewards are the new present and platforms adopting the blockchain model are the ones that will thrive in the end. You either die as a dinosaur or you adapt and earn together with your community and learn to share with your users.

Well said! 💪

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Do they make free Atom, JSON and RSS feeds publicly available from your media without a login?

Check out I use it daily to find Hive posts.

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