11 Year Old Boy Loses Leg After Being Shot By An Israeli Sniper/Natalie Portman Says "Enough" & Cancels Trip to Israel

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What I discuss in the Video

  • 11 year old shot by sniper loses leg because he was denied access to the occupied West Bank for the surgery required to keep his leg

  • Israeli army opened fire on Palestinian farmers and fishermen today

  • The 11th most powerful military in the world is threatened by children, farmers and fishermen, we're not sure how that is possible

  • 40 Palestinians have been murdered and over 4000 injured since March 30/2018

  • Israeli army has yet to show evidence of any threat from the Palestinians they have killed

  • The Gaza Strip has been under a total military siege since 2007

  • This conflict is not about religion. Zionism is not a religion, it has hijacked the Jewish faith. Zionism is a political movement, an ideology

  • Because of recent events many Israeli soldiers are turning to Breaking The Silence to blow the whistle. Many new testimonies will be available soon

  • A Palestinian man with special needs was shot in the head yesterday

  • Natalie Portman has said "Enough!" and cancelled her trip to Israel where she was to receive an award

  • Israeli Army is targeting journalists, medics, women, children, the elderly and disabled


Wounded Palestinian loses leg as Israelis deny passage for medical treatment - PressTV

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Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to ‘Breaking the Silence’ - Mondoweiss

The Palestinian citizen Ahmad Nabil Abu Akel (with special needs) is declared dead of injury in the head. He was shot in the head today by a Zionist occupation sniper, Gaza, occupied Palestine - Younes Arar

Natalie Portman says, Enough! - Mondoweiss

Always remember, our silence is their consent, to continue the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

You can also speak with your wallet, and boycott israeli products and services. #BDS join the movement today >>> https://bdsmovement.net


Another disgrace in a never ending list of disgraceful crimes perpetrated by a criminal state.
The worst thing is the narrative is shut down by the Zionist controlled MSM and anyone who speaks out is denigrated as anti-Semitic for even broaching the subject.
Israel is truly the skid mark on the underpants of humanity.

@lyndsaybowes I am glad there are people with empathy and "knowledge" and looking behinde the fences...

If it were me I'd keep my kids far away from the border so when the terrorists on both sides are shooting at eachother they wouldn't be in the way

No one on the Palestinian side has been shooting, where is your evidence of this?

Also, the child was shot near a refugee camp.

Funny you say this though, I can't blame you, really it's a common perception thanks to the one sided reporting on the mainstream presstitutes. I have had people tell me during the years of bombing campaigns that Palestinian children should not be let out of their houses, and that would keep them safer. Even had one lady tell me that the children should just hide in bath tubs. Blame the Victim right? Whatever helps you sleep at night.

A quick google search shows video of people on the Palestinian side shooting, throwing rocks and using sling shots to fire at Israeli soldiers aswell as trying to crash the border fence. I'm not heartless, I feel for kids caught in the middle of this but I'm not so naive to think everyone involved on the Palestinian side are angels either. As much as Israeli troops are hurting innocent people caught in the middle there's people on the other side who openly claim they want to harm Jews and they fire rockets blindly into Israel all the time, that's why they've set up walls to protect their people. It's the Middle East this is nothing new..this is conflict central. People are using the Palestinian "cause" to hide out and attack Jews, it's not as cut and dry as powerful nation just trying to suppress and steal from poor people. Also it's common knowledge alot of the land Israel now occupies could have been Palestinian turf but they decided not to go the peaceful route and accept either of the two peace treaties. It's all readily available on the internet if you wanna check it out? There's terrorist organizations there who only want to kill Jews and that's what makes this issue so tricky, that's their motive and they're not at all interested in cohabitating peacefully. Also Israel has fought wars with every country it shares borders with and has taken land from them all after being attacked but returned it later. You say it's one sided media reports but this story gets more traction because there's still alot of anti semetic sentiment in the world that portrayJews as bad characters when in fact they've been persecuted almost as long as history has been recorded. It's not as simple as a land grab is all I'm saying. This is a religious war and another example of it doing good more harm then good. And I sleep very well at night because we're lucky to live in Canada and I dont take it for granted trust me on that.

You should search it, since you haven't, seriously see:

palestinian shooting at israeli soldier great march of return

Because really your narrative is the narrative of the mainstream. I don't blame you for believing what they say. I used to believe it too until I started doing my own research.

Also, this is not about Judaism, it's about Zionism. Not all Jews are Zionists, not by far. Have you ever heard of Norman Finkelstein, or Miko Peled?

Mainstream reports are all Pro Palestinian so you can't be serious? Israel is always made out to be the bad player here unless u have a different interpretation of the countless stories coming out of this area daily? Anyways I'm not here to argue with you because I know your heart is in the right place and I believe you only want to help, I'm just saying it's not so cut and dry as a strong force just trying to eradicate poor people that want their land back. Even if all the land was returned I believe there would still be terrorists outside of Israel who want to kill Jewish people just for being Jewish, infact there's countries along its borders that want the same and many of the terrorist organizations they're from are mingling with the Palestinians and using the conflict as cover, hence all the security. Anyways have a great day and I'll steer clear of your efforts to find support as I know you're passionate about this topic

Mike Piled is well worth listening to!!!


@lyndsaybowes, you are right the Palestinians are a great people and by supporting them you are supporting Assad in Syria as that is where a large part of their terrorist organisation currently is. Their sole purpose to fight for and keep Assad in power. You must sleep well at night dreaming of all those children dying slow agonising deaths from chemical attacks, barrel bombs etc. I commend you on your support of the Palistinians.

Or did I get that wrong is it the nasty Israeli's pretending to be Palestinians.

As I am sure @lyndsaybowes is aware, as well as many others, Mossad and IDF have been caught as agents provocateurs, instigating return fire from the Israeli side. The motto of Mossad is "By deception, thou shalt do war". Contemplate the implications of that motto.



The energy from all this appears to be a test to shake up the observers and identify who is their opposition on a global lvl.

I made a post about tags after being followed by a few accounts who were using christianity as a false guise as well to push this game that were following through our peace tag.

My music account got banned unless I provide my telephone number and I refuse to do so.
They won't even specify what against the tos I did for them to dissable it.

I'm glad she didint go, I believe in the the power of the stars to stop this madness..

But I also believe thats what took Robyn Williams away.

They always stage it the same way when they steal people, and then profit from tabloid articles.

I see Natalie Portman is now being labelled as "bordering on anti-semitism" by a Israeli minister which is an interesting statement as I think Portman is Israeli herself! It's coming to something when caring for humanity and children is so easily dismissed as racism .. are people no longer allowed to care or have an opinion? This has nothing to do with anti-semitism it is about caring for our fellow humans .. and that is an ideal we should all strive for. Thanks for getting the message out @lyndsaybowes

Yeah, she's the next one in line to be labelled as a "self hating Jew"...

Great report, thanks.

The apartheid being done in Israel is going on without check mate from the world powers like they are all in support of it. Its a shame. Let your heart feel the pain and distress of others

None of us are free, when others are oppressed.

Actually I hate Israeli army attack to Palestine humans. They're desolate civil; humans. Why they do that? I'm totally disappointed after see video. Please don't kill any humans. They are totally desolate with this condtion. They want only their properties and peace.

One day people will realize the truth, all we can do is keep sharing the stories coming off the ground in occupied Palestine, we know the mainstream media will never tell the truth of what is happening, it is up to all of us to spread the word, and join the BDS movement.

That's such a sad news. I stopped to comment publicly about this conflict, because I have been accused to be anti-sionist, just for being on the side of Palestine. I have also noticed that international media are not paying the right attention to this conflict like they used to be. I guess money needs to be driven somewhere else.

So much unnecessary violence. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who need it. What is so crazy is if we all stood together and said enough is enough we might have a chance to make an impact.

So sad why Israel Target Killing to Palstine people without any reason. Because in Palistine people have still in problem and not any one to support.

Humans don't deserve to be treat like target practice, especially children.

Your misguided liberal views will only lead to more misery for the Palestinians. Freedom and their own state will mean a dictatorship and sharia law. It never ceases to amaze me that people that have never been on the ground in these areas to see what is really going on have so much to say.

Should the Palestinians have their own State - YES. Should Israel be a sovereign state - Yes. This wont be achieved by self serving politicians or parents putting their innocent kids in the firing line to gain media Headlines.

Israel cant afford this war, as no matter what they do, they come out looking bad. If they could find a peaceful resolution they would. The Palestinians dont want piece as they know that the longer this goes on the worse it looks for Israel and the more they stand to gain. Every child who dies or looses a limb is a victory for them. The atrocities carried out by the Palestinians are far worse than anything Israel can do. The difference is that any atrocity committed by the Palestinians is swept under the rug as its not their fault, they are oppressed, fighting for their freedom etc.

If you want this to end, support Israel. Let the Palestinians know that time is not their friend and they will soon come to the table and negotiate a settlement.

Every death and injury on both sides is due to the bleeding heart liberals. The blood is on your hands.