Original artwork Wizards (2019) by Andrey Lebed

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Dear steemians! I hope everyone has a great day and mood today!

Today I'm going to show you my latest artwork and the creation process.

Wizards (2019)

Sketch land #1.jpg

It's digital art, therefore as the main program was used Photoshop.

1 I started from the simple shapes, added colors pallet to my future work and with brushstrokes created basic shapes.

  1. After, I decided add characters to the key frame. Used smooth brush to clear all shapes
    Sketch land #1.1.jpg

  2. Final step. Refining edges, adding small details and optimizing all parts of the concept.
    Sketch land #1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed watching the process :)
Andrey Lebed.


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That’s really nice!

How much do you charge for something like that (assuming you freelance)?

If you prefer, you can also hit me up on Discord (nateaguila #4318).

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Thank you!
I will contact you on Discord!