New Drone Channel Footage Coming Soon!

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Hi Steemians! This is my first post here and although my blog is not quite ready to "take off" right this second, it will be regular coming soon. I am a drone entustiast that loves to capture all different kinds of footage, basically whatever might be interesting to watch.
th (2).jpg

I currently have flow about 5 different models of drones (most of them in the DJI Family) but, I just entered in the pre-sale for the new Skydio 2 done. It's the worlds first and only fully autonomous drone that is guaranteed not to crash by the manufacturer. When you buy expensive electronics that type of guarantee is attention grabbing. No Deductible, No fine print and no BS.....this is the type of warranty for me!!

th (3).jpg

The base model will cost you $999.00 and that will give you everything you need to fly this drone safely and confidently. Of course there are upgrades just like most electronics but, with this drone its more of a luxury more than a necessity.


One of the things that I like the most about the Skydio 2 is the fact you can store the drone inside the small case with the propellers on! This saves a lot of time if you have a really quick shot to get and don't have a lot of time to get the drone in the air to capture it. It's also very small and compact to putting it in a backpack for quick on the go is light and takes up very little room.

Check out the website because this drone can really do some amazing things that no other drone on the planet right now can even touch. I look forward to bringing you all some great footage along my daily journey.

My plan is to upload most of my footage on appics or 3speak for your viewing pleasure.


I maybe late but still I'd like to welcome you to Steemit. I'm always been a fan of drone shots and if ever you have photos to share to the community, feel free to tag it to #photocircle. Hope to see your works soon :)

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Welcome dustindivitto!
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I'm so happy your new drone has a no crash guarantee! That is awesome. I'm thinking of getting a drone for my travels and to up the quality of my blog. My only concern is about traveling with one, as I travel super light I don't even check luggage, just one bag in the overhead compartment. But I could certainly be getting some incredible footage. I'll have to look into it.

Anyway, I'm glad that you are here on Steemit and I'm looking forward to learning all about this stuff through your Guaranteed to be awesome blog!

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From Koh Phagnan Thailand

  • Dan "World Travel Pro"

Wow. That will be Great 👍. Welcome on board 💯

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Hey thank you!

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Did you already fly it? If yes can you post a compare with similar DJI one?
Thank and welcome :)

no i am on the waiting list for batch 3. Had to put down a 100.00 deposit but wont get the drone until September I think.

September? Till there DJI launch a new one lol

@dustindivitto, Welcome and good to know that it's your First post on Steem Blockchain. After going through from this post in my opinion we can expect an epic Drone Footage.

Have a successful journey ahead. Stay blessed.

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1 drone my 1 dream....
But price is fact...😥😥

Wait for new drone shooting

You can upload your footage on Dtube and YouTube at once.

Welcome on Steem

I do not know a thing about drones. Looks like your blog is going to be my first introduction. I look forward to when you are ready to start dropping some cool content. Looks like you have quite the arsenal of drones.

Must post.... Moar!!!

Drone power!!!

Yeah man let's get a drone group. Why can't we have a place to upload the 4k footage!!!!

Power to the drones!!!!

Special thanks for your upvote of my post
Nice to meet you.
Be happy!

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That's great. Can't wait to watch your videos in @threespeak. I like drones videos.

Welcome dear dustindivitto ! Can't wait to see your footage !

Hi man, great content... thank's for your support to my job... regards from Venezuela.

Welcome to Steemit - look forward to your footage

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Thank you, for your support & I hope this finds you/loved ones safe & healthy ✌🏼

My friend @dustindivitto thanks for visiting my blog 😊. I already followed you here. You really put more smile on my face this total lockdown period. Gracias 💪.

Welcome on here

Hope to see your new post soon on hive... Good to have you around 😊

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good afternoon friend @dustindivitto I wish you are well as your family. He is greeted from Venezuela waiting for his publications. happy afternoon friend.

Solid GPS Lock Bruv!

Which of the drone is best sir. I am intending to go for this but also I am looking at the cost. I want good quality drone with more battery lifespan. Thanks in anticipation sir.

You are not posting @dustindivitto
I am interested about your stories and journeys. :D

Are you a licensed drone pilot?

Awesome! Thank you for your vote on my post. Very Very interesting what you are doing. So 999 is quite a little bit of money. I am searching for a model which is cheaper but good enough to take videos on the sky ;-) Do you have there any ideas for the future?

Very interesting. I thing that this is a great idea.

Please what are the names of the best drone and also which of them has the lowest price range. Thanks my friend.

Thank you my friend @dustindivitto for visit my blog if you have time please see my new post.

I am a drone lover here as well. But I'm financially unstable nowhooe to buy it someday. Keep your good work going my friend. @dustindivitto

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