Investing: How the otter made a seagull

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My first herons account is live


For those of you that are unfamiliar with this service, it allows a player of splinterlands to delegate cards to another account that is played by someone else and then the winnings are converted into DEC and split between the two.

If you want to find out a bit more you can check the discord or read the following posts:

I have delegated enough Splinterland Beta cards to @iceland-gull to form a full deck that is good enough to play in the Silver leagues.
The first payments have come in and so it seems that the Otterworks service has delivered again.

It is kind of like owning a racehorse but having a jockey to ride it for you. And I guess it is still a vision I had that racehorse owners are wealthy people.

This is what this game is now doing for me, it is allowing the creation of passive income and gives someone else money for playing an online game as well.

A true win win.

@tcpolymath is really a genius for having created this service. This is also one of the nice things about blockchain games. There are businesses built on top of the games and that is encouraged because it enriches the ecosystem.

I am really enjoying the game on my account but do not want to spare the time it takes to play a second one (which I was doing on an alt account) and this is the beautifull thing about Steem and @Splinterlands.

You can gain crypto by playing, own your cards and win new cards. All while having fun...

So this is also becoming an extra investment type of strategy. I will take the DEC revenue and buy some more summoners and see if I can set up a second set and even expand it. I have enough monster cards so that should not be to much of an issue, its the lack of summoners that is annoying.
Now I am not @nealmcspadden who is as far as I can tell almost able to live off the revenue (even if its a modest life) but then again I do not spend nearly the amount of time he does on analysing all this either so good for him.

So an otter created a gull and I have another form of passive income

crypto is good and keeps getting better...


I've delegated a couple of sets over. My sons' accounts weren't being played so why not?
Great way to accumulate DEC with spare cards. Enjoy :)

thanks, Its time I got into this service... just bought a few more summoners to form a 2nd deck

I've got a deck delegated out too. I play with the duplicates from time to time, but I really don't have too much time to play(maybe 3 or 4 days per season to finish daily challenges) and ottermaker has helped me make use of my deck. I get about 200 DEC a day and that not bad at all.

yea, it really is a good service, what lvl is your deck playing at?

I think level 3/4.

I have a couple of Herons decks myself, and I'm very pleased with the passive income they're making me :0)

do you have different levels or just top tiers?

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