Bernie Sanders should sue to be the democratic candidate for congress to save the democratic process from Big Tech

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I am not a bernie bro, but this is basically two times in a row that the democratic party has robbed bernie sanders of his chance to be on the ballet. In 2016 the super delegates gave the nomination to Hillary who had clear neurological problems at the time. She does seem to have survived these last 4 years, but the stress of being president could have pushed the actuarial tables against her.

This year's primary was interrupted by covid19 scares. There were debates from last year that narrowed the playing field to basically between Biden and Bernie, but Biden has been a pawn of the globalist for decades and is in the halo of Obama-And biden also gained help and controversy as the dems tried to impeach Trump.

16 states and two territories modified the primaries.

Today there are signs that Biden is just going to serve as a carrier and then resign as soon as he gets in, if elected.


The sentence could be interpreted many ways-but a vice president rarely has any leadership roles-And Biden, The previous VP, should know this...if he can remember. So it appears that Biden is a weekend at Bernie's candidate-no pun intended.


That means, or at least implies, that the elitists at the DNC are selecting their presidential candidate bypassing the desires of the people in choosing their presidential candidate en light of their mentally impaired candidate. That is remarkable on many fronts, not just because she was so disliked that she dropped out early, nor that she was slammed hard by Tulsi.

And here is one reporters, fred Gardner, take on the jail,policing, and prosecutorial activity in san franscisco back when Harris was on Board.


There are some prosecutors who you have to wonder how can they possibly sleep at night. These are not the kind of monsters you want running a country.

While many people [myself included], traditionally democrats, are mad at the police, the elitist want a tough on crime wench who slept her was up way up the political ladder [with willie brown ] who was enforcing the 3 strikes rule and sending people to prison for the same crimes she was committing. They effectively alienated a substantial amount of the democratic base because the Hollywood stars need the special favors and protection of the police; But they also needed a token black woman to maintain the black vote and woman's vote-as they betray their base-we all heard for months an intersectional candidate was being chosen, even a disabled black woman named ducksworth.

And how quickly people sell out their race and their principles. What race did Shaun King sell out? I'll let readers argue it out.

The Democrats didn't pick the best candidate to replace dementia joe, the Elites in the party went their own way, perhaps the elites also think the democratic base is to far left to win an national election so they decide to steal a choice for a candidate from them. So this is the second presidential nomination the DNC stole from Bernie.
I am not sure who all Bernie would have to sue. Maybe the DNC and their associates for party recognition and funding, various secretary of states in all 50 states. Maybe television networks to try to get in the debates. It would be one hell of an expensive suit given all the parties involved.

One could say that Trump could make a formal attack on the democrats strategy, and refuse to recognize Biden as an opponent and in the debates until they choose Bernie. But politics is about conquering, not necessarily fairness-but no one wants to end up in a dungeon or dead. In a month or so the first political debates will start. The moderators of the debate will make Biden's mental health and email an important debate question, and it is likely that the Biden campaign will collapse at that point. Beyond which social media could try to control. Depending on the strength of the DNC cult, Biden will have little choice but to dropout. There will likely be new issues about who will be the democratic party frontrunner. Should it be Bernie the runner up in the primary or should it be Biden's disliked vp candidate Kamala, and certainly it could tear the democratic party apart. And this is perhaps why bernie should immediately start to use the federal courts to intervene.

Having spent some time writing this and changing the intended title. It is also important to note that Big tech is trying to select our leaders. They are banning what Donald trump can post to twitter and facebook, recently comcast prevented users from going to Laura Loomer's campaign website. It's not the first time big tech has interferred in elections and referendums, due to facebook Ireland is off my list of countries to potentially move to after the party voted to legalize abortion after facebook banned opposition ads. In a world where notification of referendums, which may require special elections, may best be spread through social media, big tech gets to decide who is in the know and who gets alerted where voter turn out may be low to begin with. The name of the game is they get what they want anywhere in the world, at your expense.

Kamilla harris is from their district, San Francisco. Her former campaign spokesperson is now the head of communications for twitter, who is outright banning trump's tweets whenever they see the opportunity-like trump posting a video of doctors saying a malaria drug is effective when taken early.



We need to start to acknowledge that the end of the American democracy is closer than we realize and that the 2020 election may be a complete farce-and not just because of potential mail in voting fraud. A former press secretary for the opposition is now trying to control the public debate ultimately for a presidential candidate that wasn't chosen by the primary process but by unknown Elitists through Joe Biden-whom as I think I said previously is a pawn of the United nations. Our political leadership will soon no longer reflect some semblance to what we want, but will reflect what big tech wants when they don't even take care of their own streets, housing, and homeless problems. No room for debates-Even if you are a doctor they will ban you for heresy if you don't agree withtheir cult. Ultimately what Big tech wants more closely resembles what China wants. social controls already exists, and are pretty much in operational modes again top conservative speakers banning them from coinbase, uber, lyft, mastercard, paypal, patreon, and so on. At some point we have to differentiate between what is a business and what is a sovereign-section 230 certainly points to big tech being a sovereign. They can't prohibit the knowledge we obtain before the inevitable informational black out, but they can substantially restrict us from advancing after that point.

If we really want to save the democratic processes in the United states, we need Bernie Sanders too take the DNC on to at least secure thwarting their plans for another 4 years. Do I expect Bernie to stop big Tech? Nope, only a delay. To really try to protect America, we need a solid republican sweep this election cycle to elimination section 230 immunity and to engage in anti-trust suits. Isn't anti-trust anti-libertarian? Yup, but we also have to accept that Big tech is behaving like a foreign invader and is an existential threat to our sovereignty, and their censorship schemes alone an attack on our humanity, as well as our life, liberty, and estate. It isn't enough that we quit social media-they and their tentacles will still have jurisdiction over us in the market place and on the public soap least we still have block chain.


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