Amazing Nature #165 - Black Panther, a big feline

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Black Panther, a big feline

Today I bring you one of the most aggressive and beautiful mammals on the planet, felines have captivated all humans since ancient times, this is because it is one of the animals most prepared to hunt in nature is at the top of the food chain. In this post, we will be talking about the wonderful black panther. Come with me to learn more about this feline of great character.


It is not an animal that lives in herd, on the contrary, are the most solitary mammals that can exist in the world, only meet in mating season, the main characteristic of this great feline is that it does not have spots like other relatives who are recognized by their stripes or spots which in some way makes it more vulnerable and that the spots on other relatives serve to camouflage and not be detected by their victims.


Its only color is possible thanks to natural melanism, very different from other specimens such as the leopard or jaguar, it is the only feline of its kind that does not have spots. With respect to its size, we have that on average I can measure up to 1.30 meters high reaching a maximum length of 2 meters long with the tail included, has huge eyes, but the head is smaller than that of other cousins nearby, like his ear that is smaller and pointed. The fact that its head is small does not mean that it has no power, on the contrary, its jaw is so powerful that it could destroy a large elephant.


Its habitat is in the humid tropical jungles of America, being its main adaptation the one to live in mountainous zones, which agrees with the color of its fur since in the mountains and tropical jungles there is little illumination and for it requires a dark color that camouflages it between the shadows that are created, in addition to having a few bigger eyes it has more possibilities to see in that environment.


Of their behavior we have that the black panthers have a completely different behavior than other felines, are much more patient than other felines when hunting and their behavior in general that has led him to be one of the most solitary animals, has a preference for walking in the trees, which indicates that is an excellent climber helping himself with his claws.


His diet is based on the intake of deer, the black panther is positioned above the trees and near a water source where he quietly waits at night for the deer to drink water. However, they do not always have the capacity to consume deer so they can prey on everything they have within their reach.
As for reproduction we have that this species reaches sexual maturity at 2 years of age in the case of females and males can take up to 3 years to achieve maturity, which always coincides with the mating season. Females can give birth to up to 4 puppies the gestation period can last 115 days, for every 4 puppies 2 die because it always pays attention to only two of the four puppies, in some occasions if they are strong they all survive.


In this breeding period, they will only live in a small group until they reach sexual maturity and it is the mating season, the other members will take different directions.


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I only have seen this animal once in the zoo, I stared at his bright yellow eyes for some seconds, I cannot describe it very well... It's like there's an ancient ferocity in their eyes