Pokemon Go: August 2022 Community Day Event Details

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Niantic has announced the star Pokémon of the next community day event this weekend for August. Galatians Zigzagoon, which the Normal Type Pokemon from the Galar Region will be the featured Pokémon and spawn more often during the event Saturday August 13, 2022. This updated form of the Pokemon was originally introduced in the Pokemon Sword and Shield version on the Nintendo Switch so it is relatively new to the Pokédex.

As usual the community day event will last for three hours and will be on a Saturday this time around from 11am to 2pm local times. The rewards will be double this event as a 3x catch Stardust and 2x Candy bonuses will be available. Incense and Lure Modules used during the event will last for three hours as has been the experience as of late. Trades will also have some benefits during the event. Event Bundles and unique quests will be available as the developers have been increasingly adding to the Community Days recently.

As usual, you will have a chance to encounter the shiny form of the Pokémon Galatians Zigzagoon in increased probabilities during the event. Also, a special move will be gained from evolving Galatians Linoone to Obstagoon up to five hours after the event has been announced. This time it will be the Charged Attack, Obstruct. It will be interesting to see how much interest this gets from the community this month. Good luck and catch ‘em all!


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