I can short post also, racists.

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The ra ist is the person who forces desegregation. When will people learn that prohibition doesnt work? https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-15/racist-disgrace-susan-rice-steamed-chinese-diplomat-who-says-black-families-ruin European caucasians dont espouse superiority like some who can not be named. Cheers to Ohio reducing at least one form of prohibition. I have not heard any news about this ballot initiative for this fall. https://mjbizdaily.com/ohio-recreational-cannabis-ballot-initiative-clears-key-hurdle/

Everything is quiet in @steemnova. I am still trying to build up enough energy to complete some graviton research. I might end up making a new planet for it soon if I cant get closer without all of those solar sats.

Cheers for some black listed news informationwar scholars.



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Look at the retarded child rant. At least that retard cunt @lyndsaybowes will jerk you off a bit eh?

Not a rant just truth. Taking the best parts of you and deleting the trash.

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