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RE: What's The Deal With Mukbang?

in #palnet3 years ago

Like all things ASMR there are those that "get it" and those that dont. Same with mukbang. And let me say there are as many "styles" as there are types of music. I did a lot of ASMR and mukbang. I enjoyed it and so did my viewers, but I had my own style not like many others. Sadly I had many different YouTube channels like for photography ASMR cooking...but YT changed the rules for monetization, so only my main channel qualified so I deleted all the others.

Anyways I found there are some folks that were lonely perhaps that like to share a meal with me. That is how I looked at it, like sharing a meal with a friend.

Here is one I put on my main channel to explain mukbang. It got 2870 views lol. I have thought about trying some on Dtube.


love this! thanks for commenting and sharing more about it! :)

My pleasure. :D