Childhood visions crushed

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When I was a small child, before I even went to kindergarten, I always assumed my mother would always be there, that she would be around forever. I tried to hold onto that sentiment dearly even in my adult life, that my mother would be around forever. But as they say, nothing lasts forever.

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With heart problems and alzheimer's. It was only a matter of time. Even though she's forgotten who I was, it saddens me even more that I never got the chance to say goodbye and tell her just one more time that I love her and her knowing who I am so that it meant something to her.

Mom, you are and were and always will be the most precious person in my life and it deeply saddens me that you're no longer with us. It was a great honor being your son and I'm proud you gave me life. I'm fond of the times we had together, all the help you've given me throughout all these years.

Even though you chose your husband over me, I still loved you ever so dearly. In my heart I'm the biggest mama's boy. I wish above all other wishes, that I could bring you back, to reach in and heal your heart problems and your alzheimers. If it would work, I would gladly give away many years of my own life to extend your own and keep you around longer.

I love you mom, and you are going to be missed so terribly. Please be at peace now.


So sad. So sorry for your loss. Xxx May the good memories overwhelm the sad ones xx

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Thank you Riverflows.