6x Giveaways Today! (5x SBI Shares Awarded to EACH Winner - 30x Shares Total!!)

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Learn more about both of these services at our discord at the link below.


Giveaway Results

We're back at it with some more SBI share giveaways!

Contest# 434

Contest# 435

Contest# 436

Contest# 437

Contest# 438

Contest# 439

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks everyone for your loyal commitment to our cause and please stay tuned for more daily giveaways and an exciting new project we're working on that we hope to reveal by the end of the month!


About The Team

We are a growing group of individuals that seek to help the Steemit community by providing free giveaways to promote, above all things, a platform for other Steemit users to grow and find a little assistance along the way to improve their experiences and draw more interest to Steemit as a whole.

Combined between our now 5 active team members:

UserService Provided
@jonnyla08Steem Monsters Giveaways
@monstermadnessSteem Monsters Giveaways
@just4kicks46Steem Monsters Giveaways
@steemexplorersSteembasicincome Giveaways
@givememonstersUpvote Service

We are now giving away something every single day across 4x accounts. That’s 28x FREE giveaways every single week! And we're working on providing an upvote service through the @givememonsters account!


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Thank you!



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Givememonsters account said their service is shutting down - 10 days ago.

Why do you still have their links/info in your posts?

It’s a stale post template and needs to be updated. I’ll try to get to it tonight. I owned that service so if anyone needs any additional info on it just let me know. I just didn’t want to keep it running anymore.

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