We're being stampeded by terrorism. Don't join in.

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A recent news item said that young people are getting months long or even lifelong illness from Covid. Whose word do we have for these long term symptoms that young people are supposed to have, those young people who get anything that can be described as Covid, the 0.0000 something people under 20 who do get any respiratory illness they have to see a doctor for? Whose word do we have for all of that? The word of the companies that make and profit from these jabs. NO outside people WHATSOEVER have ever run independent trials or studies of any of these jabs. NONE!

This is terrorism.

What's the definition of terrorism? It's got nothing necessarily to do with bombs, that's just one method of terrorism. No, terrorism is the attempt to inspire widespread fear in the public in order to advance some political agenda; it's making people terrified so they will vote how you want or behave how you want or give up their good sense and calm and independent mind to join some mass stampede – usually right into the comforting arms of the military authorities.

When considering terrorism I try to ask myself, “Who benefits from this? What sort of outcome is this intended to serve?” Because the answers to those questions help to identify the real perpetrator and the real purpose of the fear.

When you get down to basics, the Pandemic campaign of the last year is terrorism, pure and simple. It's not done with bombs, or even with a real deadly threat such as a real epidemic disease that really kills millions – the WHO and the CDC have confirmed the fact that "Covid" has a death rate almost identical to the flu. But the blizzard of fear porn obscures that.

This is informational terrorism, the fear comes at you through your computer screen. They flip-flop constantly. One week it's no masks, next week it's 3; this week we can go back to work, next week we're locked down again; the vaccine will protect you, no it won't: we don't know what to believe anymore, we're paralyzed with confusion and terror. This is terrorism.

Rumours abound on the internet of terrible reactions from the various jabs. There’s even a rumour newly emerging that those who have taken the Pfizer or Moderna jabs are “shedding” some mysterious unknown factor that makes everyone around them bleed. Critics like me are being urged to believe this and spread it “virally”.

So what's the consequence? First off the bat, anti-jabbers like me will go to our friends in a panic and spout wild tales that will cause us to be dismissed along with all the expert opinion we have been relaying. And that will cause them to want the jabs more than ever.

Look. The jabs are not the point! The money for the jabs, that's not the point. It's CONTROL, permanent global multinational control of everyone. That's the point.

The injections, like the masks and the tests, are medical procedures. Under international law, and international agreements my government and yours have signed, nobody has any right to force you to take a medical procedure against your will. You have to consent to it.

All the fear porn – jabs are deadly, not jabbing is deadly, mysterious dangers are on every hand – what does it all lead to? Terrified people will rush to get jabbed, with an experimental injection that they have no legal obligation to take, thereby conceding the authority to the government to do any and all the measures they have done and all they may ever want to do in the future. The government, or rather the health authority bureaucrats, will get the power to cancel all your civil rights. The "emergency powers" will become perpetual powers under a perpetual emergency.

This is the point behind the terrorism. We're being stampeded. Don’t join the stampede. Keep your head. And keep your legal system and keep your constitutional rights. Bring these cases of arbitrary fines, “vaccination” mandates and lockdowns to court. At least it must be established by the courts that we have the legal right to refuse any medical procedure, including jabs and masks. Otherwise our rights to resist anything will be eroded permanently. The hour is getting late!