Hello! Thanks for reaching out! We think we have received some complains from Partiko user about the content of your post. Those don't seem what the community like, therefore the Partiko Point System decided to stop giving you reward on your activities.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on that! Always happy to chat!

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Yes, my content is a bit vulgar. But it has nothing to do with partiko users. It is made for those who love it. Kindly let me know how can i get separated from partiko users, so that they cant see it.

Got it. It seems like you have your own audience? If so that's great!

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Yes, even steemit allows full pornography then why partiko people have problems?? And if it is so, then why they are watching my updates? Did i force them to do so???
Kindly reopen my block of points

Thank you! We are going to integrate support for nsfw posts and hide them by default in Partiko. Hopefully that will make sure everyone is happy. Once we have done that we should be able to turn it back on for you. We will keep you updated on that!

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Ok and what about points earned during this time but not credited to me?