My first job and steps to be an entrepreneur

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Snow Blower in the Winter Snow

The first job I had was at Pass Pets at the mall at the ripe old age of 14. I rode my bike 2 miles to get to the mall. I was fortunate on the way to the job as it was down hill. On the way back though, well it was an up hill battle.

My first entrepreneurial experience was shoveling snow. We had a snow thrower (one with a rubber blade) I was able to use. Then I started doing the neighbors as well. My friends and I went through the neighborhood and shoveled driveways to make extra cash.

The next big adventure

When we were older teens we had different experiences. One thing that I experienced was the election to the city Youth Council. We already attended the Black Jack youth group, but, this was leadership for the group. It also included the board to work with youth that were in trouble. You could say helping our peers.

This led to a project the city gave us to clear brush. We lived near an area that has a sewer drain and steep hills so they asked us to clear the area. We were paid decent money at that time. This led to a neighbor that saw us and asked for us to clear their gradens and yard.

I continued on this adventure while in High School with larger yards and more work. Then life changed for us all and we moved to our next great adventures in life!

More Power To You!

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