Dealing with people of extreme opposite nature

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This comes from my workplace, the 2 HR projects that I am working on. One Company is from Dubai so all my interactions are over call and the other Company is in Muscat city itself, so once a week I visit them for updates and rest of the time on calls.

At both these places, the people I deal with are of extreme opposite nature and sometimes it becomes confusing for me, as I have to keep switching my hats while dealing with them. Especially the one key person from both the places. One of them is extremely laid back and the other one is extremely demanding. One of them I have to push to get things going and the other one is always on a super-fast mode, whenever she wants something, it is immediate and then I have to push back at times, because everything cannot be done on an immediate basis. And on the other side when one works with you with absolutely no zeal and rigor then that also gets boring.

I wonder in Corporate life, we come across so many different types of characters and we need to work with all of them in the best manner to fulfill our responsibilities. In my case, one of them puts complete responsibility on my shoulder to execute and takes the least interest and considering that he is the owner of the Company it all the more becomes concerning for me, because a person taking little interest in his own business is a little disturbing for me. And in the second company, the lady is hyper, she wants to be marked in every single communication, considering that she is the COO of the Company I feel it is not good to get into such micro management because it is not possible for 1 person to look at every single email that goes out to employees. In such micro management, there is a possibility that she can miss out on important things.


Last whole week the lady was quiet, so I got curious about what happened, because it had never been till date that she would not connect with me in a day, On messaging her I got to know she was down with a migraine. I could only smile to myself thinking, no wonder, it had to happen. Such extreme hyperactivity is also called Paranoid personality disorder PPD. These types of people always want to be on guard, because they have major trust issues. In normal circumstances I would talk to such people at a personal level and try to understand their behavior, but I don't know why I have never done it with this lady. Somewhere I am not very comfortable getting personal with her, I have kept my conversations formal related to work only.

On the other hand, the owner of the Company, I find him very lazy and laid back, not much interested in work and that also makes my work difficult because there is no fast conclusion to anything that has to be executed and work keeps lingering. In all my previous jobs, I have never had such extreme people to deal with, both of them I find nutcase and a challenge for me to deal with.

Anyways, that's life, we come across all sorts of people and I am sure they would also have some opinion about me. And I am sure in their personal life they may be different people and not the same as they portray themselves in their work life.

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Business life is such a thing. We come across with different characteristic persons. It is not easy to keep going well with them at work. I always say myself that we spend much of our daily life at work, thus workers should provide the optimal work environment for each other.

Nevertheless, some of workers in the world don't see each other as often as before due to remote working for one year and a half years.