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After living in a city of 2 million for too many years with a secure job and sufficient money to make a good living I decided to move to a small town at the seaside of Slovenia.
If you are stuck in a job which doesn't satisfy you but you feel save being held and supported by the social structures and the system, it is not easy to find a way out. In fact, you don't even know for sure that it's urgent.
Is it possible to go a completely different path after so many years? Yes. We need to listen to what makes us happy and try to free us from social constraints. If even the smallest doubt arises in you, then it is important not to ignore it, but to follow it up.
With an unsatisfactory job and many other factors, life lead me to unhappiness, depression and correspondingly to disease.
But can't the system help you? Yes, it has as well a solution for you. Drugs.
Is this really a solution to my "problem" or just a symptom relief?
One of my university professors told us in a lecture: "Every disease originates in the head (except accidents and infectious diseases)". This sentence made me think a lot. Especially when I think of all the "incurable" diseases like autoimmune diseases etc.
As I am also influenced by dissenters I was able to make a cut in my life and now I am on my way to find a path back to nature, sustainability and much more, including taking a closer look at who I am and what is my purpose in life.

On this blog I would like to share with you my experiences and impressions of the path away from urban areas towards the utterly great and magnificent diversity of nature, especially gardening, with the aim of self-sufficiency combined with sustainability. One aim is to create a soil where our grandchildren can grow healthy and natural food. I want to live with the nature instead of exploiting it. By buying products from the discounters and supermarkets we are supporting this exploitation and all what it includes. I want to observe and work with natures' beauty and productivity in the direction of permaculture and similar paths.


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Thank you very much for the warm welcome to the hive blockchain. In the next days I will follow the tradition and make an introductory post about myself.