a record, April 4th

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Last week, Trump signed a roughly $2 trillion economic package into law. This week, my skeptical disbelief warns more people appreciate this more than any news on blockchain’s breakthroughs. What’s news, but a perspective on events made public. See, it’s been made clear as day my aim is to share stories, but everyone does. No news there. It’s why my sister hangs on every word of poorly narrated horror stories or the people I follow seemingly all want to vlog. Whatever the story is, the fact remains, it always depends on whose say goes. Thanks to a camera and endless escapism, this lens will hopefully widen the perspectives of plucky, fair readers so curious. I mean, major U.S. stock indexes posted double digit gains for the week, but sank Friday last week, and lay there, more than 20% in 2020. The same changes make a certain electronic cash ‘too risky’. The bated breath of suspense could use some help from Freddie Freeloader here because doomsday won’t be held off because Trump signs record stimulus law or the Pope streams prayers now, no. Tomorrow’s another day because we will keep telling our stories.

The danger lurking in the market can be hidden or delayed, but never limited. For investors, slumps are a chance for introspection -and, sometimes, new opportunity. I like Jason Zweig’s stories, as they are honestly normal and inspiring. Zweig most definitely does this by writing for himself, which in today’s distanced but linked world is difficult. We teach ourselves, since like it or not, you cannot learn everything in school. Jason’s insight, for example, I picked up bounding into blockchain and dipping into digital tokens. Photography, I see, through my eyes trained by teacher and student alike. Chris still teaches me today. But no, the afternoon’s beams, shining on my insights and I, are a different warmth. Learning with a purpose adds permanence. I’m no different to my brother, telling him to ‘learn something’ than an English instructor demanding a book report. I’m a photographer, student, charlatan – but I am learning in every case. I may not be the best, but I will be, one day, at telling my story. I’d better put down my phone and pick up my signal. It’s a different connection.



kai money is really in this world. 2 trillion dollars

News and drama feel similar. What's important?

Hmmm. Drama certainly