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RE: Some memories of kids TV: My entry in the PHC monthly contest

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Happy to see you back with an entry this month! Looks like some solid choices for only having three channels! I'm not familiar with these, but they sound like some fun ones. Anything to get your imagination going or take you to different parts of the world are awesome ones for childhood memories. And wow, that is so crazy to climb all the way up there with no safety gear!! Even more so when you think about the cameraman having to do the same climb with his gear, too! Thanks for sharing!


I think we spent a lot more time exploring outside than modern kids do. The kids shows were only on for a couple of hours after school and on Saturday mornings. My kids had a very different experience, but they had some good shows to watch too.

Yeah, I remember a lot of times the only tv we watched was after taking a bath to wash the stink of being outside all day away. :)

It was more of a family thing back then as many homes only had one TV with no other screens available. Different times.