Catching Waves- A Surfer's Poem

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Taking high on a cloud nine made by body of seawater
Paddling hands below repeatedly to catch you
Chest flattened on a board and tied securely in one ankle
Quickly pushes downward, Stand and Balance

Your wave strikes can be deadly but provides an excitement
Euphoric and Climatic
Dropping in and out
Never surrender until the perfect ride

Leaving thoughts to other enthusiasts
Thinking alone and the sunset like owning the place
Poseidon gets insecure as you are acting like him
Caught a wave the heart began pounding

Defense of melanin from sun kiss
Tan lines and triangle shape shades under
Ignoring image and Shocked reflection of a glass-like water
Bruises Wounds Numb signs were happy hormones released

Riding the waves, creating scene where mind is empty and free
Keep moving in the mid to ride again
Pure feeling like the child playing without fear
No marks of worries, Ride again until the dark bites the sky

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this is wonderful. ❤ just dont forget to put photo credits at the end. 😊

cool poem....and that first photo 😍