My Worst Nightmare Came After Investing In Axie Infinity

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Way back in 2021, people talked about NFT tokens that was based on Ethereum and it was also broadcast in our national television about it. As far as I can remember, it was showcased about some people who were getting thousands or millions in pesos of cashing out the NFT token while playing the game. That NFT game was being hyped and lots of Filipinos including me was drag into investing or buying their AXIE to get their token called SLP.

I know most of you knew about this NFT game and to tell you honestly, I haven't getting an ROI after I invest from that NFT game and WORST "I was also HACKED" when I accidentally download a VIRUS from my computer and all of my investments in my Axie account were stolen and I was devastated at that time.


It was started when one of my cousins were playing this Axie infinity game in my house. I saw how he manage to battle Axie to Axie and I was curious on how he played then my aunt has a "Manager" that can get you into "Scholarship" in which you will only play then after 15 days of playing and grinding the game, you can get your reward.

I told my brother to ask my aunt to get a scholarship for his sideline because at that time, he has no work and I said to him that you can get a scholarship so that you can earn a decent amount after playing. Yes, he got into a scholarship which he gets 40% of his total earnings every 15 days. It's not a bad of a splitting because the manager has to "invest" on the Axie then get dividends from the players who played in the Axie infinity.

After a few more weeks, I also got into the "scholarship" to earn as a sideline and thinking that I will also invest on buying an AXIE of my own to also get my dividends 100%. At that time, an average axie worth more that 8,000php ($138.97) but you need three Axie's so that you can play in the Classic game and compete with other players.


My plan is to play as a "Scholar" and every payout, I will buy an Axie and if my payout is not enough to buy one Axie, I will use my own pocket money to patch it up. It continued like that for more that 2 months and I got a team of my own and played it. It was satisfying to see that my earnings has been doubled but the price of the "SLP" is also dumping because the minting of SLP every day is also increasing.

That's one thing that I didn't consider because I only knew how to play and to invest but I don't know when to cash out to get an ROI but I constantly played the Axie so that I can get my ROI for myself.


Then one day, I downloaded a virus on the internet not knowing that it was a virus I accidentally click and "DOWNLOAD" it and my entire Axie Universe was collapsed in less than a day. I lost more than 50,000php in that entire Axie game and I also need to patch the things up for the people who tried to invest using my account at that time.

I was devastated, I didn't knew what to do because that's a lot of money to give to them for the AXIE's that they've lost. I bought another Axie using my savings and my salary for the whole 2 months to buy the Axie that I've lost and give it to them.


After that, I didn't look up another NFT game or any blockchain related to it but I was also thankful that ONLY my "AXIE" account that was hacked and not in "HIVE" because I think I have more than 200 HIVE at the time that I was hacked in my account. I'm pretty sure that the hacker only knew about AXIE Infinity but didn't know about HIVE blockchain.

Today, I am thankful that I re-discover this Hive blockchain a few months ago where I can earn some while posting even if it's a few cents, I can also learn something from it like I can improve my writing skills and my knowledge as I post every day. I also learn about stuffs just like in HTML, editing photos, taking photos on how your article is presentable.

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damn that sucks losing your Axies in a Hack!

Yes, and I'm thinking to pull out some my assets that I invested in them. I have I few a dollars that I invested after the hack.

True. It was a trend during that time. Thank you for sharing. 😊 So, no Axie now??

Axie is no no for me, I will pull out my remaining assets because I used almost all of my saving buying back all of the axies that have been hack and thinking that it will pump up in the next few years.

Ah.. hope it will.😊

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I was playing Alienworlds and Cryptoblades as I watched the Axie phenomenon unfold. I guess the equivalent of this for me is MyDefiPet which boasted itself as the "Axie Killer." Never even had the chance to experience play2earn in that one.

I invested in MyDefiPet din! Nako di man lang na experience yung game and even the ROI kakasad lang :( though di malaki yung talo since I used some of my Hive earnings, I should just have it reinvested dito.


I didn't play axie but I traded SLP. I got some friends who also lost a lot due to this game. 👍 !PGM

May asset pa ata kami jan , nalimutan na namin, ma 10K SLP pa ata yun at 3 axie,hehe .
May value pa kaya yun.hehe

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